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What does a good cotton bedding look like? - Hanbi Textile

Today, let's take a look at popular science, what is a good cotton fabric?    

100% cotton    

When buying a bedding product, it is very important to identify the ingredients label. In general, the label is: 100% cotton, can be considered as a real cotton product.    

However, there are many sayings on the Internet: cotton with a cotton content of more than 70% can be called pure cotton, which is actually misleading! Only 100% cotton can be called "pure cotton" or "whole cotton".    

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Ordinary cotton fabrics generally have no shine or the shine is softer. However, if pure cotton is made from cotton with elongated, combed cotton and high-density, high-density fabrics, the surface will have a certain degree of shine and the fabric will be softer to the touch.    

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Printing is soft to the touch    

In general, printing is divided into two types: reactive printing and dye printing.   


Reactive printing is a chemical reaction between dye molecules and cotton fibers. After much washing, the dyes dissolve in the fibers and feel soft. The paint uses glue to stick the paint and the fabric together, so that the fabric looks hard and the paint is very stiff and not soft.    

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High quality fabric texture    

In terms of fabric qualities, satin is definitely the best. Because the simple weave is durable, but the fabric is hard and the design is monotonous.


Twill is soft to the touch and has a good shine, but the fabric is not resistant to wear, satin is more luxurious than twill, but the floating threads wear easily, fluffy or the fibers pull out. Pay attention to daily maintenance.   

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