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There are a lot of people and mixed things in the preparation period and don’t know where the goods are?    

New hotel needs not only a wide variety of items, but also a huge amount. Pre-purchased, nowhere to store, so the hotel is usually focused on the pre-opening period. 

If large quantities of goods arrive at the hotel in a concentrated manner, unannounced pick-up, unannounced delivery, unannounced storage will be arranged, in some cases they will be stored late and will be taken directly by the user department. 

Before they can be packed and inspected. Such a series of surprise work inevitably leads to disruptions in the storage and distribution of articles, resulting in bad or missing items from the user department.    

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The key to solving this problem is to organize the takeover and distribution. No matter how many items arrive or in what short time, do this:    

  1. Warehouse is checked one by one based on the arrival list, detailed registration must be done even if it is too late to open the package for inspection;    

2.Each user class must count and register items arriving in the secondary warehouse, including items delivered to the post office;    

3.For items that need to be used but are not found, follow the order of the stock receipt, check form, order form, and contract, and step by step, find and execute to determine which link is the problem. If you do not order, you can proceed with the procurement according to the procurement procedure.    

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Incomplete leadership, don't know who to get instructions from?    

Due to the newly opened hotel, the established management team is also a new team, and the experience, experience and division of labor of each member is different. In addition, some executives have not personally experienced and operated the opening of a new hotel, lack the ability to command and make decisions, and are unable to deal with boring and urgent problems in a timely, efficient, correct, and determined manner.  


Therefore, when managers ask subordinates for instructions, they are either pushed around or guided blindly. Everyone takes care of them, but really no one. The result: everyone is blindly busy, consuming physical force without effect.    


First, clarify the division of labor among hotel team members and inform managers at all levels;    

Each team member should perform their own duties and responsibilities in accordance with the division of labor;    

When he asks a subordinate for an instruction, even if he does not know for a time how to decide, he cannot evade it at will;    

Team members need to unify their thinking in advance, and if a serious abnormal problem arises, they should all have a unified voice and a consistent position.    

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Leaders busy hotel opening, do not know how to work between departments  

There are many things about opening a new hotel, and it’s tricky. The skills and experience of the heads of each department also differ. Specifically, individual department heads do not really understand the responsibilities and functions of their departments, and coordination and collaboration between departments is not smooth, nor is information communication smooth. Department heads are busy all day in an emergency, but I don't know what the focus is.    

As a result, you will inevitably become too busy, too busy to get results.    


The department must first understand the division of labor in the hotel, master the uniform requirements and standards of the hotel, clarify the responsibilities of the department;   


Second, key staff in the department need to be well organized and work in an orderly manner according to the requirements of the class assignment.    

It should be emphasized that the responsibilities and work schedule of the head of department should be clear.    

It is best to prepare a work plan in advance and organize the implementation according to the plan.    

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Without hands-on experience, employees not to know how to get started to work   

In the early stages of the hotel's opening, however, all hotels provide different lengths of business learning and professional training for newly hired employees.    

However, there are still gaps and gaps between the acquisition and understanding of these learning and training and the actual job, moreover, the training is more theoretical than practical, the simulation is more than practical, and many employees have not even touched it. The practical experience spent in the actual job lacks the practical ability.  


As a result, many employees do not know what to do after entering their workplace.    


The first is to pay attention to the effect of training and arrange the training out of practicality. The theoretical study of business knowledge cannot be ignored, more attention should be paid to practical operation;   


Secondly, if conditions allow, there is still a need to organize and run internships in hotels of the same rating and scale, and even if not all, at least some key employees need to be involved.    

Finally, once new employees arrive at work, they quickly hold hands-on on-the-job training, reviewing and emphasizing the work process and work standards.    

Opening a new hotel, everything is new and everything has to be run in. It is normal for some problems to occur during the run-in period.    

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Last but not least, it should be noted    

● When new team members begin to form, to emphasize the unity of thought;    

●When new employees enter, they encourage mutual assistance;    

●When running in between departments, we should pay attention to the overall situation;

●When new equipment is used, it must be adhered to at all times;    

●When communicating with new customers, be sure to provide feedback.    

●As long as the command takes uniform and effective measures, the losses during the run-in period are minimized and the lead-in time is kept to a minimum.   


Investing in a hotel serves the operation of the hotel, and operating the hotel is profitable.    

Newly opened hotels, no matter how many problems there are, should consider the following factors:    

●The work must be carried out first on the basis of revenue and then on the basis of standardization of management;    

●The work should be organized around the business situation and the basic needs of the guests;    

●There must be a gradual transition from the unexpected operating state, the emergency situation and the continuous rotation to the normal and orderly operating state.    

●First, firmly grasp some of the key issues, such as regulatory design, energy supply, division of labor, and marketing, and then continue to standardize and improve operations.    

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