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How did white become the default color for hotels around the world?


First of all, the house is a safe haven for everyone.  We choose as many bedding products as we like, depending on our own tastes. However, unlike hotels, the number of guests is large, it is impossible to ignore customers to satisfy them, the doors are full of customers, and it is impossible to consider each customer's tastes.    

And while black and white are always popular colors, black is mysteriously depressed on dark nights, so simply choosing a versatile and uncharacteristic white is cool and comfortable.    

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Second, it's easy to clean. Please try to imagine. If you change the bedding to a different color, after a while the color will fade and the guest will look uncomfortable and the hotel will think of it. If the hotel is replaced and cleaned frequently, it won't take long. To change the color. Please do not wash. White is different. It's the same color no matter how you wash it, and with a little bleach, it quickly cleans and looks like new.    

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Also, white is dirty, so it seems to be a disadvantage, but if you think about it the other way around, you can tell at a glance whether it is clean or not. Rest assured that the hotel staff is also convenient for cleaning. If you change it to a colorful color, it's hard to tell if it's dirty.    

In addition, from a health perspective, white bedding helps sleep. It can calm you down, relax your muscles, calm people down, and fall asleep.  


Do you understand now? The color of the hotel bedding is not casually chosen, and there are many "details" hidden in it .

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