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Here are some things to know about quilts!

According to empirical medical research, people sleep in bed with a temperature of 32 to 34 degrees. The quilt takes a long time to warm up to low body temperature, which not only expends the body's heat energy, but also activates the cerebral cortex after a short period of cold shock to the human body surface, thereby slowing down the process. lack of sleep time or deep sleep. Maintain the relative humidity in the quilt from 50% to 60%. How to get a good night's sleep starts with choosing the right quilts fabric.    

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The effect of the weight of the quilt on comfort    

We often encounter the following situations: when we are half asleep, the quilt is too heavy, we can't breathe, the more we sleep, the colder it feels, and the thermal insulation effect seems to be insufficient. Unstable, most likely to dream while sleeping under a quilt.   


These conditions are directly related to one season or the weight of the quilt, in addition to the season, the material of the quilt, and the physical condition.    

If the quilt is too heavy, the chest capacity will be reduced, the lung capacity will be reduced, nightmares will be easier to dream, and the temperature of the quilt will exceed 35 degrees, which will overheat the body's metabolism, increase energy expenditure and increase sweating.   


It is not good to go after a light quilt blindly, the quilt is too light and it is not enough to keep it warm. This makes the sleeping person unstable and unable to fall into a deep sleep, especially leading to drowsiness. they wake up.    

Therefore, when choosing a quilt, choose a medium-weight quilt. The weight of the quilt is not a fixed standard as the fabric of the quilt varies from season to season. In principle, it is recommended to choose a quilt of 3 kg, depending on the degree of cold can add a quilt. In spring and autumn, choose a quilt weighing 1-1.5 kg, and the weight of the quilt is, in principle, about half of the quilt.    

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Quilt size    

Because ger beds are generally 1.5 / 1.8 meters wide, most quilts on the market are made in the standard sizes mentioned above, so quilts are divided into three types: enlarged double quilts, double quilts, and single quilts.

Double quilts are the most common design. Choose a 200cm × 230cm quilt for a 1.5-meter bed and a 220cm × 240cm quilt for a 1.8-meter bed. These two quilt.


The size of one adult quilt is generally 180 cm × 220 cm. Dormitories for teenagers or students are generally 150 cm × 210 cm. We also recommend that you choose a quilt for your child that measures 120cm × 150cm.  


The size of the quilt can be fine-tuned to suit the individual's height and preferences. If the quilt is used in the winter, it is generally longer and wider than the air conditioning quilt to keep the feet warmer and more comfortable in the summer. And if you are tall, the quilt you choose should also be long. In addition, it is recommended to adjust the size of the quilt cover to avoid unevenness in the quilt.    

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Quilt heat level classification    

In addition to the weight of the quilt, the thermal insulation rating of the quilt is already indicated on the quilt label. When purchasing, you will find that the quilt is divided into 1-6 thermal grades. The larger the quilt, the higher the thermal insulation.    

Grades 1-2 have summer quilts, grades 3-4 have spring and autumn quilts, and grades 5-6 have thick winter quilts. After quantifying the temperature of the quilt, we can choose the appropriate quilt according to the season, which can avoid storing many quilts that can be used together at home.    

For example, summer quilts and ventilation quilts generally have a lower thermal insulation level than Level 2. Spring and autumn quilts are thicker and have a higher thermal insulation level than summer cool quilts.    

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