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The mite bug on quilt, how to handle better?

Mites are invisible microscopic pests that carry skin infections such as chronic urticaria, chronic asthma, and chronic allergic rhinitis, 95% of which are caused by mites. It likes to live in a warm and humid environment, so it needs two sharp tools to remove mites: ventilation and light.    

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It is best to dry the quilt for more than two days in a row, alternating between drying the front and back of the quilt to remove mites.    

When you get up in the morning, it is better not to fold the quilt immediately, turn it over to the body, spread it on the bed, and then open the windows to ventilation and reduce humidity. 


Not suitable for drying quilts in cloudy and cold weather, we can heat and dry quilts at home with an electric heater or electric quilt, and mites do not tolerate wet weather.    

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During sleep, the human body automatically expels sweat. Absorption of sweat from quilts determines the quality of our sleep. Everyone has a feeling of sweating after a cold. Sweat in the body is not fully absorbed and excreted, but also sleeps erratically.    

Therefore, the ability of the quilt to absorb moisture and sweat is also important.    

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