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The key to solving service problems is the soul of the hotel front desk management!


Prioritizing and prioritizing    

In the front office management process, there has to be some focus, and one cannot fathom it. This refers to the focus of the work, not the differentiation of employees.    

First of all, the organizational structure in the vestibule, the front desk, assistant manager, reservations, operator etc. Several different divisions according to their importance can make a distinction between general desk job as important hub, there is no doubt the importance of it, if do not pay attention to, is very easy, let the whole hotel reputation, so on the importance and the understanding, The front office manager should give adequate attention. For the allocation of personnel, adequate requirements.

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Secondly, in the position of Assistant Lobby Manager, we also require employees with strong work experience and communication skills, and we are also asked to take it seriously. As AM directly represents the location and image of the hotel at many VIP receptions and important workplaces, this position will also become the second focus.    

Once again, the reservations department and the keyboard need our general attention. Reservations department will play a very important role in a series of business such as room control and reservation acceptance, as a front office manager, good reservation staff can make his work easier.    

In the actual working process, each person needs to be different according to many different situations. In this way, in the actual work process, we can avoid the embarrassment of "grabbing eyebrows and beard", where the focus is everywhere, the focus is not everywhere, and there is no bright spot in the entire front office work.    

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Management by goals should be strong, and the process can be relatively convenient    

The vast majority of front office jobs are guest-facing, and in relative terms, the work pressure is high, especially since the front desk has to deal with accounting, registration, foreign currency exchange, etc. In this situation, some front office managers often keep their faces straight, and “severely” ask employees for smiling service, personalized service, proactive service, and so on.    

Just imagine, in this environment, if the front office manager does not change the management's thinking, it will often create a negative situation in the management process, which will lead to the rebellious psychology of the employees, even the loss of employees, which is the company's ultimate loss.    

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Therefore, in the actual work process, it is necessary for employees to establish a clear sense of purpose. For example, taking base station management as an example, I often set goals for my supervisor and foreman, such as reducing the error rate by a few percentage points this month, and striving to receive no complaints from the base station team this month.    

All indicators must be measured, numbers must be used to speak, otherwise our management will not be able to convince the people. In this process, as long as the employee's etiquette and tact is in place and adheres to the hotel's rules and regulations, the manager should not interfere too much. Many employees with ideas have their own new ideas, we must give encouragement and encouragement, so that the whole work can be pushed to the level of innovation.    

How can a team without characteristics stand out? At best, not a replica of other hotels! 

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Create a harmonious work atmosphere    

The working atmosphere in the front office should be relaxed, and employees should not feel too depressed. Only in this way when we face the guests is the smile of the guests sincere and from the heart. Therefore, as a manager, we must find ways to understand employees from multiple perspectives and provide assistance when employees need it most.    

We need to understand what employees need and how strong their sense of urgency is. And we'll give them what they desperately need, so it will be relatively easy to manage. Life is very important for front line employees, so in the process of hiring and interviewing employees, very sloppy employees are generally not hired.    

Democracy is also very important in front office management, and I generally support grassroots management positions to be democratically selected from among the employees, which can greatly increase their enthusiasm for work.    

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Pay special attention to the art of praise and criticism    

To praise and criticize the employees, we should adopt different methods according to the psychological characteristics of different things. In the daily management process, we will find that some employees like the face and verbal praise is enough; Some employees care about benefits and hope to get them Little material, encouragement, some employees are thin-skinned, and are especially rebellious in the face of criticism, while some employees have to issue a ticket to solve the problem.    

As a front office manager, it may be your smile, your anxiety or your sometimes gesture that will affect the employee's mood. Therefore, we must learn and make good use of psychological factors to encourage employees and make them feel valued. When criticizing employees, be sure to internalize the occasion and give the employees an adequate "face". This way, employees will gratefully accept your criticism.    

Second, when criticizing employees, you must be honest and polite.When criticizing him, be sure to tell him why he is wrong, where he is wrong, what harm is there, etc. 


Again, criticism should be on the right thing and not the person. Some front office managers often impose heavy penalties on employees who "do not cooperate" with his work, causing employees to feel a bit of "public retaliation." This must be stopped and corrected firmly.    

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Give importance to communication with employees and give importance to the team    

In daily management, we must pay attention to communication with employees, and to understand informal organizations among employees through communication. The informal organization plays a very important role in any team, if it is well directed, it will play a very positive role in strengthening the whole team, otherwise it will cause great harm to the team. Then, in day-to-day management, we must first discover the “leaders” of informal organisations, understand some of their ideas, and guide them in time.    

In front office management, we often come across such situations. When a major member of this informal group leaves, there are often two to three members leaving with them.Therefore, in our management process, the goals of the informal organization must be consistent with the goals of the team, or at least the goals of the two must not conflict. At the same time, pay close attention to the development and sense of purpose of informal organisation.    

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What kind of leadership brings out what kind of soldiers.If a front office manager is strong, there should be no weak soldiers under his command. But if the front office manager does not work well, it will definitely cause people to become unsettled. Strong generals do not have weak soldiers, and a good front office manager must be a good commander first.    

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