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As a hotel worker, the hotel linen terms , do you understand?

The hotel's purchasing manager voiced: "We're also very confused about linen. Suppliers often have different options from the 40s, 60s, and 80s, and I don't know how to choose. Different suppliers see different quality of fabrics." For hotels, the first thing is to choose the linen that is the front, but now there are so many types, that those hotels who want to open as soon as possible do not know how to choose high-quality and low-cost linen that matches the hotel grades. The problem of "I don't know how to choose hotel linen".    

The forties, the 60s, 80s,100s, what does each one mean    

What do we often say in the 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s? For the hotel owner, management and investment are particularly professional, but not very professional in hotel linens. I would like to take this opportunity to offer you an easy-to-understand method of weaving yarn, so that you can fully use and understand it when buying linen in the future, so that you can choose the level of your hotel.    

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In fact, we often say the 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s. Let's use analogy. Everyone has eaten the noodle, which is a 1kg of noodles. If pulled up to 40m, it is defined as 40s of yarn. A liter of 60 m is defined as 60s yarn. Of course, if it stretches 80 meters, then it is  80s yarn. 

The longer it is stretched, the finer the thread will be, and the denser the woven fabric. There are requirements: if the thread of the forties wants to stretch 60m, it will break, so the more threads weave, the finer the woven fabric, and the tighter the organizational structure. 

Some people will ask, is the cloth of the100s yarns the best? You cannot judge it that way, because everything is relative. We have to match the hotel according to the style and location of the hotel. It cannot be said that the most expensive is the best. We support that the most suitable for customers is the best. Of course, 100s yarns are top-notch in texture and touch, but the washing resistance is not as good as 60s * 40s. The price/performance ratio of 60s * 40s is the best.    

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Our common ratios are: 40s * 40s, 60s * 40s, 60s * 60s, 60s * 80s, 80s * 80s, 100s * 100s, why do we write it like this? In fact, it refers to the wrapping and weft of the cloth. The fabric is very intricately woven. 

Therefore, when choosing hotel linen, it is better to find a professional manufacturer and cooperate with the brand, because this thing is consumable. In the early stage of procurement, we have repeatedly emphasized cost savings, which will greatly affect the occupancy rate and return rate of the hotel after opening. 

Because guests spend money is to sleep a sound sleep, these linen is close contact with human skin, if the hotel linen is good, guests sleep quality is high, the business will be good, and repeat customers are also quite high!    

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The above is a detailed explanation of the true meaning of the 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s and how to choose them using easy-to-understand metaphors. I hope that in the future hotel buyers will use the most practical way you have given me when buying hotel linen, so as to buy good hotel linen and provide guests with a comfortable sleeping environment.    

The basic and most effective solution to solve the problem of hotel beds fading during washing is for the hotel to pay more attention to quality when purchasing related hotel beds, and choose excellent quality hotel beds, which is beneficial to the washing process in the future. Reduce color fading.    

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