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Do you really know the difference between the different crafts of hotel linen?

Plain weave    

Identification: A fabric woven with plain weave (the warp and weft are intertwined with each other thread) is called plain weave.  


Physical Features: There are many interlacing points, the texture is hard, rough, and the surface is smooth. The effect of the appearance from the front and the back is the same. The density of the ordinary fabric can not be too high, it is relatively light and thin, and the air permeability is good. The number is about 30 seconds, the density is slightly lower, the fabric is more prone to defects such as jumping yarn, and the price is relatively low. But there are also a few ordinary woven fabrics, such as 40s, which are also high-density fabrics, and high-end embroidered fabrics are generally ordinary woven fabrics.    

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Identification: Warp and weft threads are woven at least once every two threads, and the interlocking points of the warp and weft are used to change the structure of the fabric, which is collectively referred to as twill.    

Physical Features: There are positive and negative points. There are few intertwined points in a complete weaving cycle, the floating line is long, the hand feeling is soft, the weaving texture density is high, the product is thicker, and the three-dimensional weaving sense is strong. The number of 30s, 40s, 60s range.  

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Jacquard fabric    

Identification: The weft and warp weave changes are used to form a pattern during the fabric weaving, the thread count is good, and the requirements for raw cotton are very high. Weaving and dyeing processes are different for monochrome and multicolor jacquard. Monochrome jacquard is a jacquard dyed fabric - gray jacquard is first woven by jacquard loom and then dyed and finished. the color ; Multi-color jacquard is the color of the jacquard woven fabric - first dye the thread, then weave it by the jacquard loom, and finally finish, so the yarn-dyed jacquard fabric has more than two colors, the fabric is rich in color, not monotonous, the pattern is three-dimensional, strong, grade higher. The width of the cloth is 2.5 meters or 2.8 meters, the pure cotton fabric has a slight shrinkage, there is no pelleting, and the color does not fade.    

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Satin fabric    

Identification: The warp and weft threads are interwoven at least every three threads, so the weaving of satin makes the fabric more dense, and therefore the fabric is thicker. Satin weave products are more expensive than ordinary twill weave products. Fabrics woven with satin fabric are collectively referred to as satin fabrics.    

Satin fabrics are divided into positive and negative sides, the interlocking points in a complete weaving cycle are the lowest, and the floating lines are the longest. Almost the entire surface of the fabric consists of lines floating in the direction of the warp or weft. Satin fabric is soft to the touch. The surface of the fabric is smooth, delicate and full of luster. 


Think it will be clear to distinguish between plain weave, twill weave, jacquard weave and satin by understanding the characteristics of plain weave, twill weave, jacquard weave and satin.    

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