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Guest room facilities and equipment quality standards


Type and size of tenants    

The hotel has no less than 4 types of single rooms, double rooms, standard rooms and suites. The ratio of different types of rooms is reasonably arranged to meet the requirements of different types of guests and the structure of the hotel's target market. The area of a single room is not less than 18 square meters, a double room is not less than 20 square meters, and a regular room is not less than 24 square meters. The interior facilities are complete, the design is reasonable, and the guest activity space is spacious.    


Door and window    

Made of wear-resistant material, strong resistance, durable and anti-scratch, after flame retardant treatment, the surface is smooth, bright and smooth in color. The glass is wide, there are decorative curtains and blinds, the flame retardant performance is good, the doors and windows are smooth, and the shading and heat preservation effect is good. Easy to open, no noise, feel comfortable and comfortable.    


Wall and floor    

The wall is covered with high-quality wallpaper or wall covering, which is durable, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, not easy to corrode, beautiful and comfortable in color and pattern, easy to renovate and clean. No cracking, peeling or peeling occurs. There is texture or wall decoration on the wall, the installation position is reasonable, the coordination is beautiful, the size and decorative effect are appropriate for the room grade, the cabinet, the door and the window are coordinated with the wall decoration, and the mirror frame is provided in the appropriate position for guests to use. The floors are fully carpeted or parquet floors. The rug is flat, the color is simple and bright, the texture is smooth, durable and wear-resistant. The polished wood floors are bright, clean and comfortable.    

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Ceiling and lighting    

The roof is made of durable, anti-fouling, reflective and sound-absorbing materials. After decoration, it becomes bright, clean, bright, firm and beautiful, without cracking, peeling or peeling. Indoor wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, night lamps and other lamps are reasonably selected, beautiful in appearance, appropriate installation position, decorative effect, and wiring hidden in the plug; Soft light, calm and warm atmosphere. 



Heating and safety equipment    

It adopts central air conditioner or separate air conditioner, with reasonable installation position, beautiful appearance and good performance.The room temperature can be adjusted at will, and it can be opened freely. The heating equipment is hidden, and the heating cover is beautiful and convenient. The interior is well ventilated and the air is fresh. The door is equipped with a scope, anti-theft chain, and a fire escape map, and the ceiling has a smoke detector and an automatic sprinkler fire extinguisher. Safe doors and safe passages are intact and free of obstructions. Professional management of various safety equipment, always in normal condition, so that guests feel safe.    


Communication and electrical equipment    

The guest room is equipped with a software-controlled telephone, and the guest room and bathroom usually have a telephone sub-machine, which has full functionality and good performance. The room has a bar and fridge. Telephones, televisions and refrigerators are placed in reasonable positions, coordinated with internal functional partitions, and are always in a normal operating position.    

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Room furniture    

High-quality upholstered beds, headboards, bedside tables, desks and office chairs, sofa stools, dressing table mirrors, luggage cabinet shelves, clothes racks, round tables and other furniture and appliances are complete, reasonably arranged and placed according to the interior zoning functions. The fine rooms are equipped with flower stands, flower tables or display cabinets for crafts, and potted bonsai. All kinds of furniture in guest rooms are beautiful in shape, refined in texture, soft in color and comfortable in use. Class specifications are adapted to the room class and hotel star standard.   




Toilet equipment    

Area not less than 42. The whole tiles, ceilings, walls, and floors are clean and bright, the floor is non-slip, moisture-proof, and there are floor drains in hidden places. Mechanical ventilation in the corners is good and the air exchange rate is not less than30 m3/hThe sink rests on marble countertops or a watermill, and the wall is filled with horizontal mirrors. It is large, comfortable and bright. The toilet and bathtub sections are reasonably set, and the shower and bathtub are separate in the upscale guestrooms. Sufficient lighting, with110/220 voltsElectric brim.    


Equipment conformity degree    

For rooms of the same level and type, lighting, safety, heating and cooling devices, furniture, bathroom fixtures, doors and windows, etc., shall be uniform and compatible in shape, specification, style, texture and color. Create a comfortable and elegant living environment.    


Equipment safety    

All kinds of equipment in the guest room have a proper maintenance system and procedures, the daily maintenance is good, the damage is repaired in time, and it is always in normal condition. The safety rate of various facilities and equipment is 100% and not less than 98%.    

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Quality Standards for Guest Room Supplies  



Equipped Equipment    

Room amenities depend on single rooms and beds.    


supply quality    

The quality of room amenities is determined by the hotel specifications and room category. The room fittings of the same class and type are consistent in specification, models, quality, patterns, textures, shapes, softness and hand feeling.They are equipped in complete sets, good quality, beautiful and convenient to use, and they are the same as the hotel. Star standards compliant. Without patching, imperfection, obsolescence, and breakage are imagined. 



Replace supplies    

Bed sheets, towels, pillowcases and other cotton fabrics for the room that need to be changed shall be based on the bedding composition standard, and the number of sets shall not be less than four sets. One is in use, one is in washing, one is in sales, one is in storage. Change and wash them once a day using the kit used in the rental room. Tea, facial tissues, toilet paper, body lotion, shampoo and other disposable consumables for guests in guest rooms and bathrooms must be replaced every day. For other items that are frequently used by the guests, the housekeeping department should keep a certain reserve and replace it regularly or as needed, to ensure the need of the guests. 


Supply management    

There is a service room on the guest room floor, the supply management system is in order and the content is defined and clear. Central management of various supplies, classified storage, compilation, issuance, registration procedures for supplementary update, and clear responsibilities. Central management of various supplies, classified storage, compilation, issuance of supplementary and updated grading procedures, clear responsibilities, and regular statistics on consumption of various supplies. There are no accidents after liability such as loss, overtaking, loss, etc.    


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Internal environmental quality standards    


Indoor environment planning    

The interior environment of the guest rooms is beautiful and the space is appropriately divided. The functions of the sections such as sleeping, work area, rest area and activity area are coordinated. Beds, sofas, desks, coffee tables, chairs, refrigerators, dressing table mirrors, furniture and other equipment are arranged according to the zoning function. The ceiling decoration is simple and bright, the wall layout is solemn and generous, the carpet is flat and beautiful, the lamps and lanterns are elegantly and generously selected for the frescoes, the banners and furniture masks, the cloths, the potted plants and the bonsai are appropriate and the quantity is reasonable. The interior colors are soft, simple and bright, and the primary and complementary colors are in harmony. The single room, double room, standard room and suite have their own characteristics in decoration and layout, and have a good spatial configuration that attracts guests.   



Bathroom environment planning    

Room bathroom area is not less than 42. Wash area, wash bath area, activity area and other partition function outstanding. The decoration and layout of toilet equipment such as washtable, horizontal mirror, tub, shower equipment and toilet are beautiful and comfortable, and coordinated with partition function. Metope, ceiling, ground layout is simple and generous, beautiful and applicable. Indoor air fresh color quietly elegant downy, concise and lively. All toiletries are in good order. Whole toilet decorates beautiful harmonious, the environment is comfortable.  

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Entrance environment    

The halls, corridors, hallways and elevators in the guest rooms are spacious, the walls are light in colour, the carpets are flat and nice, the lighting is soft, and it is always kept clean and quiet. There are no noise sources such as machines and kettles near the guest rooms and corridors.   



Quantitative environmental quality    

Room temperature not lower than winter20℃, not higher than in summertwenty fourCelsius. Corridor temperature is not lower than winter18℃, higher than in summer24%-60%, wind speed0.1 .   

Hotel room service is an important part of whether or not guests are satisfied. The whole process of guests from entering the hotel to leaving the hotel consists of many "real moments", and any mistakes in any part of the hotel may lead to customer dissatisfaction or even complaint, resulting in the loss of customers. The so-called 100-1 = 0 is the truth.    

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