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The characteristics of different materials of hotel slippers, do you know?

1. TPR bottom    

TPR is a thermoplastic rubber material. The process of TPR sole is divided into soft sole, hard ground, side seam sole, rubber sole, beef tendon sole, blow molding sole, and viscose sole can be classified into this category. 

The advantages of slippers with TPR bottom are: soft, waterproof, and have certain wear resistance.  


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2. EVA bottom    

It is made from the copolymerization of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). Many people will feel unfamiliar with this bottom. In fact, people who often go on business trips are not unfamiliar. Hotel slippers are basically made of this bottom. 

The advantages of EVA bottom are: firm, light and easy to clean.   


3, point plastic cloth bottom    

Plastic cloth is not very popular in China, because many people find it inconvenient and not waterproof. Because this bottom has very good slip resistance, because its mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight and non-slip.    

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4. Cloth bottom    

Cloth-soled slippers are suitable for wooden floors, soft and comfortable, and easy to clean. Most of them can be thrown directly into the washing machine.  


5. PVC  bottom   

It is a process synthesized by wrapping a layer of leather on the EVA bottom. The sole of the outsole shoe is also mostly made of this material. Budget hotels usually use EVA soles, and mid-to-high-end hotels will choose slippers with TPR, PVC, and fabric soles according to their needs.    

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