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What are the materials of hotel slippers What are the characteristics of different materials of hotel slippers?

  1. 1.The material of hotel slippers is generally made of terry cloth, and the slippers made of terry cloth are generally moisture-proof, breathable and light in texture. Velvet hotel slippers are comfortable and soft. The hotel slippers are also made of plush, coral fleece, cotton, mesh and other materials. In fact, under normal circumstances, the fabric materials used to make clothing can be used to make hotel slippers.    

2. The soles of hotel slippers are made of cloth soles, such as canvas, mop flannel, deerskin velvet, and canvas. This is more suitable for wooden floors, it is soft and comfortable to wear, and it is also easier to clean.    

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3. Some of the soles of hotel slippers are made of EVA. Slippers of this material are more common. This kind of hotel slippers is relatively strong, easy to wear and easy to clean, and the price is relatively cheap.   


4. Some of the soles of hotel slippers are made of TPR material. The hotel slippers made of TPR have better anti-skid and waterproof performance. They feel like touching rubber. Some people will say that they are like rubber soles and beef tendon soles. Has strong wear-resistant properties.   


5. Some of the soles of hotel slippers are made of PVC. In fact, the PVC material is generally made of EVA bottom and a layer of leather. This kind of hotel slippers is easy to wear and replace, and usually won't get dusty. If it is dirty, just rub it on the cloth twice to change it. However, its disadvantage is that it feels stiffer to wear.    

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6. There are many one-off slippers in the hotel, because there are more people coming to the hotel, so as to avoid infection of athlete's foot or something. If the hotel is equipped with reusable hotel slippers, it must be disinfected and cleaned.    

Choose good hotel slippers, generally good quality ones will not have pungent odor, good flexibility and strong comfort. Enjoying the comfort of life starts from "feet", and choosing a hotel when staying in a hotel - a pair of satisfactory hotel slippers is really important.    

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