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Why are the top wild luxury resort hotels basically desolate? Because project site selection is the key to success


Every wild luxury resort hotel has an obvious feature, that is, its location is relatively remote, so remote and uninhabited.    

Svart 360° View Terrace Hotel    

At the foot of the Svartisen glacier in northern Norway in the Arctic Circle, the world's first 360° hotel is under construction. It was designed by Snøhetta, a famous architectural design studio. The building is inspired by the local fish drying racks and fishermen's huts in Norway. It combines local characteristic buildings with modern glass and ring shapes to minimize the disturbance to the natural environment. The ring-shaped rooms allow travelers to enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the fjord and fully integrate into the natural environment.   

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel Iceland    

Iceland ION Luxury Adventure Hotel is located near Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. It stands on the black lava permafrost in Iceland, surrounded by moss and ingeniously integrated with the terrain of the canyon. The design of the hotel reflects the beauty of nature, with a clear and simple style, paying attention to environmental protection and environmental protection. Far-reaching influence of nature, using recycled materials and driftwood, using a large number of cement, wood and natural materials, using large glass windows to increase natural lighting, reduce artificial lighting, and have an unobstructed view from all angles.    

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge    

Located in Namibia's wild and beautiful Namib Desert, the hotel was designed by Fox Browne Creative to perfectly harmonize with its surroundings and elements. The entire building is made of rock, sand, steel and glass and looks very understated. The tin roof is the public area of the hotel, including the dining room, living room, etc. The hotel has a total of 10 suites and 2 two-bedroom Xingqiu suites. The biggest highlight of the design of the guest bedroom is an oversized skylight.    

Safaris Kwetsani    

Wilderness Safaris Kwetsani is set on a slender island covered in palms, mangosteens and fig trees, and the surrounding plains gather the unique sights and wildlife of the Okavango Delta. The Lodge is located right on land and water, and the 5 luxury cabins are connected to each other but still maintain their own privacy, and each cabin is beautifully designed to subtly blend in with its surroundings.    

Mara Bushtops Camps    

Mara Bushtops Camps is the closest camp hotel to the Maasai Mara National Nature Reserve and the most perfect combination of "luxury" and "character" in the whole of Kenya. Open-plan rooms have the best views, and you can watch everything happening on the prairie from your private terrace. In the vast East African grassland, whether it is enjoying a top spa, tasting a glass of wine from the collection, or watching the sunset quietly in the swimming pool in the grassland, it is an absolutely rare life experience.    

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