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Ⅰ: Definition jacquard is a concave-convex pattern composed of interwoven warp and weft threads in textiles. Jacquard fabrics are a big category within the textile category. As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous all over the world for its jacquard weaving method. Jacquard is a special machine for weaving warps and raised patterns on fabric.    

Ⅱ: Characteristics of jacquard fabrics The characteristics of jacquard fabrics vary somewhat with different raw materials.    

1: The jacquard fabric is made of FDY Daguang 50D * DTY75D + spandex 40D polyester as raw material, and is woven on a jet loom by weaving satin. It has the characteristics of lightness, softness, elasticity, comfort and luster.  


2: Jacquard fabric made of low elastic polyester yarn, the fabric structure adopts ordinary satin weave fabric, which is interwoven on an air loom. Soft and smooth texture, etc.   


Ⅲ: Uses jacquard fabrics are widely used, from casual wear, sportswear, suits, etc. to bedding and hotel linens. Jacquard is a new fabric that combines comfort, modernity and art, and its attractive charm deeply attracts people's eyes.    

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The difference between jacquard and printing    

Jacquard: Jacquard is the use of different processes on the machine to make the cloth have different shaping lines and patterns and have a convex and concave feel. After shaping the cloth, can not choose  the flowers. 

Printing: The printing cloth is printed after the cloth is sewn, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.    

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