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In the current epidemic situation, what should hotel departments do?


Department of Revenue Management and Marketing    

First, during the epidemic, hotels will have to make facilities based on existing factors, such as their own conditions, staffing arrangements and geographical locations. Unless required by the state or requested by the local government, hotels should try to keep costs low.    

"At the right time"——We must continue to pay close attention to hotel budgets and revenue forecasts and make timely scientific adjustments depending on the epidemic situation. At the same time, we must also scientifically predict the market and our own performance trends based on data analysis. Not to be blindly pessimistic, but also to be realistic in short-term, medium-term and long-term respective adjustments of the sales strategy.    

Whether your company uses automated forecasting methods or manual operations, forecasting is especially important at the moment, as it is not only the basis for price prevention and control, but also makes important decisions, such as staff adjustments. operations and cash flows during special periods the basics. Today's hotel management is becoming more and more accurate and precise, and the most basic revenue management forecast is also sinking into different segments of the market, even into different types of rooms and channels.    

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"The right channel"——Keep the channel promotion and sales work during the outbreak period. Actively respond to the call of government, community, industry associations, etc., and create a positive public image externally: for example, by emphasizing "the current epidemic situation, the great love for business" or "caring for customers and caring for employees ", and actively does a good job in her own positive advertising work.    

During the post-epidemic recovery period, the focus of publicity may shift to the hotel's hygiene environment, healthy eating, lifestyle, etc., and elements such as humanitarian care, safe travel and safe Accommodation can also be incorporated into the publicity to satisfy consumers who are depressed Longing for freedom, travel, health after a few months.  


Publicity channels can also be as diverse as possible: the official website, public WeChat account, facebook, Youtube and other social media can be used as dissemination channels. Channel management at this time may be different from day-to-day. There are no customers who book rooms on different channels every day, but the good use of each channel to determine the location of the hotel brand and the transmission of basic information has become an important concern of the hotel.    

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"The right customer"——Focus on source consumer research. At such a critical time, many hotels that are still open have also temporarily closed their marketing departments, and more staff is committed to customer operations. Right now, as a top-tier marketing team, you may want to make a specific analysis and forecast on industry trends, market segmentation and customer portraits after the security period arrives in the future.    

For example, after the end of the epidemic, high-frequency power consumption, especially in areas less affected by the epidemic and around cities, may be the first to start; individual customers will be earlier than large conferences. The head of marketing can predict future portraits of customers. After SARS, the generation after the 1970s became the main force of hotel consumers, followed by the generation after the 1980s. After this epidemic, consumers will be the generation after the 90s. Their lifestyle, focus, hobbies and consumer perspective will become the key points for which we must understand and prepare.    

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"Suitable product" both in the glacial period and in the recovery period, attention must be paid to enriching the structure of customer sources and revenue streams, expanding business ideas and improving risk-taking capabilities. At the guest room level, market segmentation after the recovery period is expected to undergo significant changes. Hotels need to anticipate, enrich the customer source structure and market segmentation as much as possible, and judge and lock in on time the most valuable part of the customer source to win the competition advantage.    

In terms of total revenue, the strategy to be adopted is based on hotels, but not limited to hotels, because hotels are higher than hotels. Take full advantage of its own advantages, such as hygiene, quality control, service, business standards, etc., and develop diversified hotel products while doing well in the main business.    

"Reasonable price"—— Pay attention to the competition team and market changes. This move is not just to adjust your own prices, but to focus on the business situation of the competing group's hotels during the epidemic and whether they have been suspended. If conditions allow, you can expand the scope during this period and pay attention to the overall business situation of hotels of the same type (star) in the city, in order to understand the market offer. Strictly check the room type switch and the quantity in the channel, and in a timely and efficient manner check the price and volume of the room and release it accurately in various channels when the recovery period arrives.    

During an epidemic, we can consider making appropriate adjustments to the services we sell, such as trying to design a product that includes as many three meals as possible and creating packages with slightly longer stays (for example, some hotel guests are excluded outside, For guests who can not be accommodated in a dormitory or home environment, the service "14 days quiet for single use" is designed).    

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Food and beverage    

To better deal with the epidemic, hotels need to be transformed from the traditional meal-to-lunch model to a room-to-room model. Each hotel restaurant should set up 2 to 3 prices for lunch and dinner based on the cost of buying food for hotel guests and off-site guests to choose from and purchase.    

If the hotel has a snack shop or a packed grocery store, it can also provide light meal packages, boxed lunches and semi-finished products for picking and buying in and out of the store. Through cooperation with mature and reliable logistics and distribution companies, food distribution services, especially "contactless" distribution, will be in great demand in the ice age and in the future, in order to increase the revenue from the hotel's restaurant.    

Some hotel groups have started catering services. The hotel's human resources and raw material and processing capabilities are fully utilized, which not only provides support to citizens under special conditions, but also increases the hotel's income.    

Beware of changes in customer behavior: The epidemic will also have a major impact on people's eating habits and taste preferences. Once the epidemic is over, people will voluntarily pay more attention to nutritional hygiene, nutritional balance and health concepts. Interest in the game will be significantly reduced. It is suggested to the hotel to prepare in advance the planning and organization of the menu and promotion.    

During the epidemic, guests have to eat in the room, even if they go to the restaurant, it is divided into meals. This can have a long-term impact on the future layout of the restaurant table and on the future design of the dining area and the management of the floor performance. The aforementioned hotel catering service can also become the future point of increase of hotel revenue due to the development of consumer habits and the recognition of the brand after the end of the epidemic.    

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Meetings and receptions    

In this epidemic, conference hotels have been severely affected and it is expected that for large-scale conferences, either large-scale domestic conferences or large-scale international conferences, the recovery period will be longer than in other market segments.    

However, this part of the hotel has a large volume, a relatively unified source of customers, great reliance on MICE, high operating and labor costs, and a large number of kitchen equipment and reception areas. During the ice age of the epidemic and the recovery period in the future, the probability of holding large-scale conferences and wedding receptions is relatively low, so it is suggested that these hotels should look for a way out in the face of adversity.    

For example, the use of existing kitchen and catering equipment, staff and other resources to provide food delivery services to neighboring companies, office buildings, hotels, factories and residents without catering supplies, and even sales of semi-finished products, thus increasing the popularity and Accumulation of reputation, Improve income stream, make full use of existing resources and benefits, and mitigate cash flow and lack of cash to some degree.    

During the epidemic, banquet marketing was basically stagnant and blocked in various market segments. During the post-epidemic recovery period, hotels can try out banquet services according to their own conditions and capabilities.   


In addition, after this epidemic, people's lifestyles and eating habits may change in the future. After the recovery in the future, guests will also have concerns about how intensive gatherings and meals will be. The hotel should consider supporting the western way of


Using the "one portion per visitor" method in large-scale conferences and weddings can not only prevent the spread of viruses, but also balance the diet, reduce waste and avoid the social embarrassment of eating each other's dishes. time, promotes healthy and new eating methods. Of course, the increase in human resources and the various costs that this business can incur requires careful accounting by the hotel.    

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Operating section    

During the epidemic, revenue managers updated the hotel's daily occupancy forecast at all times and provided it to the operating department so that each department could reasonably arrange staff. Revenue management staff keeps in touch with the front desk and the cleaning department and reasonably arranges the use of the rooms so that the hotel can control energy and save energy per floor or area.    

In addition, during this epidemic, there were some previously unknown moments that highlighted their advantages, such as split air conditioners over central air conditioners, contactless delivery and contactless services (such as automated check-in, check-out, robot delivery, etc.)

For some time after the end of the epidemic, people's demands for a healthier environment and hygiene conditions will continue to be high, so in the future, hotels will also need to introduce service details with a healthier idea according to the voices of such as adding hand sanitizer, fresh air system, indoor air quality monitor, high quality bedding to improve sleep quality, providing organic food that nourishes and nourishes the lungs, cleaning and disinfecting the environment on the bus to improve customer and service quality.    

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Human resources department    

Stabilize the workforce and unite and strengthen employees' confidence to overcome difficulties together. Take advantage of this period to conduct online training of the hotel's in-house business and knowledge and skills, practice hard on the in-house skills and improve the service capacity and level of all staff from top to bottom. The management actively solves the various procedures from operation to sales, controls and covers the deficiencies and prepares in advance for the improvement of the overall level of service after the resumption of the market.    

During an epidemic, taking into account the difference in employee participation and human resources in different positions, the Human Resources Department can support a model of mutual assistance in job rotation. other departments with relatively less workload can be transferred to the position of employees for support.    

In times of crisis, it is even more necessary for human resources to unite people's hearts through good publicity, sensible arrangements and stress management, and to work together to provide services.    

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Financial Service    

Any action plan is based on a specific pre-crisis basis and this important basis is "forecasting". Cost forecasting focuses on energy, labor and all these unnecessary costs and then controls these costs to minimize costs, which requires top-down collaboration between departments.    

As for staff, try to arrange cleaning breaks and overtime to keep energy and staff to a minimum. In particular, focus on forecasts and cash flows for this month and the next three months.    

Maintaining cash flow and maintaining hotel operations through "strangulation": In the face of financial crises and major emergencies, most small and medium-sized businesses can no longer maintain their cash flow because they have no source of income. The hotel management team and the finance department can consider the following ways:    

  1. 1.Saving energy is always an important means for hotels to "gas". According to the revenue forecast shared by the revenue department, room use and energy consumption are arranged in advance. When the room usage rate drops significantly, energy management and control can be performed per floor or area to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.    

2. The Finance Department negotiates with the suppliers purchased by the hotel or group to appropriately extend the payback period or temporarily reduce the cost percentage.    

3. Try to look for rent relief and reduce management costs.    

4. With the help of the corporate loan interest rate reduction policy, the savings will be used for the hotel's daily food purchases to maintain the operation of the hotel.    

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