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Hotel linen procurement, these points must know hanbi textile

Reasonable distribution of the investment ratio    

There are about a dozen fabric categories in hotel rooms, such as towels, bathrobes, duvet covers, pillowcases, duvet covers and pillowcases, etc. The above varieties are divided into two categories: consumables and non-consumables , pillows, mattresses, bed towels, etc. are non-consumable, towels, bathrobes, duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, etc. are consumables.    

Because consumables need to be washed frequently, they will be discarded in 3-5 years (bad fabrics will be discarded in 2-3 years) and high quality duvets and sheets (such as 60S ) are not washable and quilt cover. Consumables such as quilts, mattresses and pillows at the end of the bed are very important. A good quilt core can be used for more than ten years and the poor shelf life is not as good as a quilt cover, bed sheet. The quality such as mattress of pillow of core so must choose and buy is good (include fabrics and filling material).    

Instead, 40 bleached fabrics of large quantity and density should be used for duvet covers, which are practical and washable, because 60S products focus on the feel and quality of the hands, but are not washable. In short, we need to make good use of limited resources and focus on non-consumables. If you think the quality of the consumables is not good enough, you can replace it with other products. For example, the use of bed runner and decorative pillows can greatly enhance the guest room.    

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Unlike home textiles, hotel bedding for guest rooms must have a strong wash and have high demands on the inherent quality of the fabrics. The price of good quality fabrics is not high (5% - 10%), but the service life is much longer (60% longer). There are many indicators of fabric quality. The most important thing is to choose:    

  1. 1.Combed fabric. Combed fabrics are smoother, stronger, washable and not easy to pilling than carded fabrics.    

2. Fabrics of large quantity and density. Like sheets use at least 40S / 110 × 90 fabric.    

3, textile fabrics. The fabric has a beautiful surface and is not easy to fluff.    

4. Fabrics bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Fabrics bleached with hydrogen peroxide feel better than fabrics bleached with hypochlorite, the fabric is less damaged by the bleaching agent and the durability is reduced less.    

Reasonably determine the proportion of consumables    

The general ratio of consumables is 1: 3, ie one set is used, one set is washable and one set is in storage. (Note: The use of pillowcases has the biggest loss, because there are dyes for hair oil and baking oil on the head of the guest, so the best ratio is 1: 3 or 1: 4).    

Here is another trick: the fewer hotel rooms (less than 100 sets), the higher the ratio; the more rooms, the smaller the ratio. 

Because the more rooms there are, they can fit together, but the smaller the number of rooms, the more they can not fit. Therefore, for new hotels with a large number of rooms, the ratio can be appropriately reduced depending on the specific situation when opening and replenishing during operation.    

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Carefully choose dyed or printed fabrics    

In recent years, hotels have become popular with families, but hotels are not ultimately families, and from the actual use of the rooms, poor quality dyed and printed fabrics have four major problems compared to bleached fabrics:   


  1. 1.The color fastness has decreased due to dyes (such as the high formaldehyde content).    

2. All cotton dyed and printed fabrics have a fading problem, which is easy to create a feeling of old age after fading. When using the room duvet, there is still the problem that the old and the new can not be mixed. There is a big color difference between the quilt that has been used for some time and the recently used quilt, which can not be used in the same room, which increases the workload of the waiters. 


3. As for washing, if there are persistent stains on the duvet, the washing plant will use a strong detergent similar to disinfectant 84 to partially pre-wash the duvet cover, which will cause the duvet cover to whiten locally. will seriously affect the appearance.   


4. Dyeing or printing fabrics must use formaldehyde to stabilize the color, therefore it is harmful to the human body and does not help to protect the environment.    

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In fact, many hotels can reduce the quality of the carpet (design only) when decorating a guest room and spending extra money on fabrics and decorations. Here we focus on bed skirts, cushions and decorative pillows.    

The first is the bed skirt. Many hotels did not replace the Simmons base when they were renovated and refurbished, but only equipped with a new bed skirt, which gave people a new feel. Legs and decorative pillows have also become very popular in recent years, and even the most common quilts can instantly highlight the class of a room when combined with them.    

The second is to choose the appropriate style and form of opening of the quilt and pillowcase. This problem may seem small, but it is actually very important. When choosing a quilt and pillowcase style, homeowners need to consider not only the aesthetics but also the durability and efficiency of the waiters' work.    

Take the opening form for example: there are many opening methods for home duvet covers and pillowcases and each opening has its own advantages. After several years of research into the use of hotel rooms, guests are advised to use a front flash and a back flush cover (without tape) and a pillowcase with a 1/4 opening flash, because the front and rear recessed duvet cover (without tape) can be used front and back, no tape is simple and beautiful, it is convenient for the waiter to change the quilt. Opening 1/4 of the pillowcase is not only convenient for the waiter to change the pillowcase, but also beautiful.    

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