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Hanbi Textile About 10 Hotel Management Tips


1. Avoid decision mistakes    

The success of the hotel is due to the right decision and the failure of the operation is due to the wrong decision. Mistakes in decision making are caused by simple decision making or insufficient market research. Managers should avoid mistakes in decision making, including purchasing, pricing, talent, advertising and financial decisions. When making important decisions, hotels should not only analyze and draw conclusions from market research data, but also consult relevant professionals. They should not invest money indiscriminately or save too much. They need to analyze the specific situation and weigh all the aspects. Pros and cons, make decisions carefully.    

2. Stability of top management    

Businesses should avoid changing managers too quickly. In addition to staff changes, managers are also emotionally unstable. If the top management has obvious signs of inclination in management due to unbalanced mentality or the influence of certain factors, it will not only lead to obvious and superficial conflicts and conflicts of interest between the middle managers of the hotel, but will also affect the bottom. hotel level. As long as the mood of a staff member is unstable, the attitude of service will be poor, the quality of services will be very low, the customer experience will be poor and the performance will be unsatisfactory. How can poor performance support the operation of a hotel? Therefore, the mood of the top managers should be stable, to avoid the internal friction of the hotel and the dispersion of staff, which will lead to a reduction in the power of the hotel, or even to the bankruptcy of the hotel, with unimaginable consequences.


3. Pay attention to the hotel culture    

The hotel culture is a valuable orientation of the hotel people and an atmosphere of hotel development. Whether most of the hotel staff loves the hotel is a measure of the success of the hotel culture. The cohesion of the hotel depends not only on the level of salaries, but also on the respect for the personality of the employees. Establishing a hotel culture requires a long process. It is difficult to change the established culture, whether it is good or bad. Especially the transition from bad culture to good culture is more difficult. But when it's found that the hotel culture is bad, what we can do is stop wasting time and make changes no matter how difficult it is to change. For the long-term development of the hotel, we can only reluctantly give up our love. For the culture that is not established, the hotel should pay attention to the process of its establishment, be people-oriented and have as a cornerstone the ethical bottom line.    

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4. Legislative operation    

In order for a hotel to operate for a long time, the first element is the lawful operation, which operates legally in accordance with national laws and regulations and does nothing illegal or disciplinary. In addition, the most important thing for executives is how to manage employees well at all levels. Many managers understand this, but in reality, they are not always able to manage all hotel employees well. Managers often make various mistakes in management, and the most common and serious is to rely on "family law" for management, but ignore national law. Officers do the wrong thing, criticize a few small things and report to the police for bigger issues. Do not illegally imprison the personal freedom of others and do not hit people. As long as you do these things, they are justified and irrational, which is a violation of the law.    

5. Handle the dangerous period properly    

Like humans, hotels have a life cycle. There may be symptoms of one kind or another at all stages. If not treated properly, they can get sick or even die prematurely. During the dangerous period of operation of the hotel, the physique of the hotel is relatively weak, and it is necessary to be very careful in making decisions. At this stage, the development should be gradual and all effective diagnostic methods should be used for treatment. At the critical moment, you should know how to overcome the chaos, cut off your hand to save your life and to avoid the expansion of risks.    

6. Get rid of the family complex    

The hotel's top decision makers like to appoint family members to different key positions or arrange acquaintances and friends they believe they trust. The continuous growth of the business will affect the development of the hotel if it can not get rid of the relationship of emotions and family. It is generally difficult for a family-run hotel to grow and develop, because no matter how large a family is, its members are ultimately limited, and it is easy to create a situation where the people are responsible for experts and even family disputes. interests and civil wars. This is an inevitable problem. fatal defect.    

7. Trust the professionals    

Many hotels hire management companies or professionals to be responsible for management at the beginning of their business. Establishing the management and hotel culture requires a long process and it is very important to do a good job of delivery. In the absence of experience, long-term vision and old-fashioned means, it may be best for professional managers to take on the task of running a hotel.    

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8. Pay attention to market changes    

Some old-fashioned shops that have been operating for many years can always be self-described. A major mistake that hotels often make when changing general managers every three days is to soil the market or it is vague and not clear enough. At this time, hotel managers need to have a deep understanding of the market, pay attention to market developments and changes, and make timely adjustments to hotel management decisions to avoid misunderstandings that are prone to some old-fashioned hotels.    

9, The use of marketing strategies    

Hotel services are becoming more and more commercialized and now, the emphasis on marketing research is on the agenda. There is a lot of research on the marketing of centuries-old stores and their longevity is not unrelated to marketing strategies. If some small aspects of marketing are not addressed properly, the whole game will be lost. Such cases are not uncommon. Combined with the rise of new retail, hotel managers need to keep up with the times, pay attention to marketing strategies and not let the hotel industry sigh.    

10. You have a world consciousness    

At present, many operators are still short-sighted and serious in their short-term behavior. They adhere to the vulgar notion of "if you want to make a fortune and take advantage of the interests of others, if you want to get rich, you only look for immediate profit", and do not miss any opportunity to make a profit. There is even the phenomenon of slaughter This kind of business philosophy will eventually lead the company to a dead end, because it actually picks up sesame and loses watermelons. have taken a chance and of course there will be more repeat customers.    

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