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In recent years, the five words "personalized service" have become almost a mantra in the service industry, especially in the hotel industry, which is recognized by the industry. But many people do not really understand the meaning or put it into practice. Here, this article attempts to present some of its own views on the subject.    

Misunderstanding of the hotel's personalized service    

The basic concept of personal service is to provide customers with differentiated services with personal characteristics, so that the customers who receive the service have a sense of pride and satisfaction and thus gain the high recognition of customers. The hotel's personalized service is the result of service companies adapting and accepting increasing competition.    

While no one would admit that personalized service is a premium service for some important guests, many hotels actually do. Some hotels embroider names on the pajamas of guests who have been here more than 10 times, stamp the guest's name on the envelopes and letterheads of the rooms, place a large plate of fruit in the VIP lounge and are equipped with personal computers.All this, thinking it's a personalized service, but it's not.    

While no one publicly admits that personalization refers only to innovations in the hardware environment, some hotels actually do. If some hotels remove the ashtrays in the rooms, they believe that this room becomes a non-smoking room. (The real non-smoking room is when the sign is placed smoking is not allowed during the decoration. Because people do not smoke, the most sensitive is not if someone smokes now, but that no one has ever smoked in this room).    

The practice of individual hotels is even more outrageous. Domestic guests and foreign guests are housed on different floors. The reason is that the quality of domestic visitors is poor (in fact, foreign consumers are only more mature than domestic consumers). Can damage hardware installations. Such so-called personalized services are detrimental to the promotion of the corporate image.    

How to properly understand personalized service    

Personalized service is a service with unique flexibility, suitability, suddenness and differentiation for unique individuals; it also meets the reasonable individual needs of different guests, providing prompt, flexible and attentive services, generally at no extra charge.    

A: Selected accessories    

In order to meet the needs of the guests who dine at the hotel due to various circumstances, such as family gatherings, birthday parties, business banquets, gatherings of friends, gatherings of lovers, etc., the restaurant should take the initiative to prepare unique private dining tables according to the composition and characteristics of these guests View seats / window seats, cabin seats, party tables, etc. It is not enough to provide personalized dining chairs for adult guests, but also to take the initiative to prepare high chairs, high chairs, child seats, as well as food for children to drink milk and juice. Disposable plastic cups, disposable dining bibs, and more. With these personalized service facilities, you will be able to impress your guests.    

The restaurant overlooking the window at the five-star Renaissance Harborplace in Baltimore, USA, has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, probably no different from most hotel restaurants. But as you watch, you can see that this restaurant pays great attention to personalizing the menu design. The internal pages of the lunch menu change daily, although only a small portion of the content changes, such as date, day of the week, Daily Soup / Soup of the Day, Special / Daily Special Chef, but there are With these latest contents and the corresponding Greetings of the day (like a festival) printed at the top of the first page of the menu, guests will have a friendly feeling as soon as they open the menu.    

B: Focus on software development    

The personalized service requires updating of the service system. Foreign star hotel reservation systems, especially chain hotels, are all connected to the Internet and customers can check detailed hotel information online at any time. If you do not know if a particular customer is a new or regular customer and what specific hobbies and requirements you have, how do you get started?    

Personalized service requires a corresponding incentive mechanism in management to fully stimulate the subjective initiative of employees, to care for and support them, to fully trust and empower them, so that employees share more decision-making rights and at the same time take on greater responsibilities.   

Focus on humanity and encourage emotional communication between the hotel and its guests. An incident occurred at a hotel in Xi'an: an elderly lady and her Shanghai wife traveled to Xi'an. The elderly lady suffering from rheumatism needs to boil traditional Chinese medicine, but the five-star hotel where the two elderly people are staying does not solve the problem with the elderly people's medicine due to lack of medicine.    

D: Form a system    

Personalized service depends only on the subjective initiative of the service staff. It is not enough to identify the possible personalized service process through the system, making the necessary work process for each service staff and shaping the overall routine and typical operation of the hotel. This way, the hotel service can really go up to a higher level and really gain the support of many customers.    

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