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Hotel energy saving how to do? Hanbi Textile


Conservation and Control of Water Energy    

  1. 1. Induction water saving taps can be installed in public toilets and flow saving taps in the bathrooms of the rooms. With proper control of water flow, 1/3 can be saved.    

2. The hotel can recycle some of the sewage and use it to irrigate the green space, wash the car, cool down ...    

3. The hotel can use the rainwater collection system, which can be reused after treatment, so as not to let the resources flow in vain.    

4. A smart induction water saving system can be installed in the staff bathroom.    

5. Create a water-saving atmosphere and remind guests and staff live. For example, place reminder cards in rooms and public toilets: 4 cups of water are needed to wash with a cup, etc.    

Energy saving and control    

  1. 1. Establish a system, mobilize employees to develop good habits, strengthen water, electricity, oil and gas leak inspection, and prevent long-term water flow. According to tests, domestic general companies waste 5% -10% due to running and dripping.    

2. Adopt a new energy saving light source. Although the price of energy saving light bulbs is several times higher than that of traditional incandescent bulbs, the luminous efficiency is 4-5 times higher and the lifespan is 8-10 times longer, which is entirely feasible. If all hotels use energy-saving light bulbs for lighting, at least 70% of the electricity can be saved. In addition, the spectral chromaticity of energy-saving lamps is now close to that of incandescent lamps, which does not affect the contrast of the atmosphere.    

3. A large number of different types of signs and night lights in the hotel can use LED lights with light emitting diode, each of which consumes less than 1 watt of power. Induction energy-saving lamps should be used in hallways and fire escapes to prevent any bright lights.    

4. Adopt the smart energy saving voltage adjustment switch system. The common areas of the hotels: The lobby, the meeting room, the multi-function room, the banquet hall, etc. are often equipped with hundreds of light bulbs. This system can adjust the voltage and radiation depending on the sunshine conditions and the atmosphere that will be created, which can save about 20% of electricity.    

5. Install solar panels on the ceiling and wall according to local conditions to provide additional energy for the hotel. The average sunshine in my country is more than 2000 hours. The newly built hotel can achieve the functions of collection, storage and distribution of solar energy according to the optimized design of the building itself. Solar heating, solar cooling, solar electricity, etc., each square meter of solar panels can save 800 degrees of electricity per year and 300 kg of standard carbon.    

6. Exterior street lights, lawn lights, floodlights, traffic lights, etc. can be used. Some hotels in Japan use solar parking sheds, which not only can provide shade to visitors' vehicles from sun exposure, reduce energy consumption and air conditioning pollution, but also provide power to the car. hotel. There is no technical problem with such an approach, the key lies in the concept.  


7. Set the air conditioner temperature to 28 ° C. The air conditioning in many hotels makes guests feel very cold in summer and extremely hot in winter. The Japanese government once launched a campaign to promote energy savings, requiring hotels and office buildings to adjust the air conditioning to 28 ° C and encouraging people to take off their suits and ties and wear short-sleeved casual shirts during formal wear. and business activities. It can not only reduce the power consumption of air conditioners by 10%, but also significantly reduce the chance of suffering from air conditioning diseases.    

Efficient use of basic materials    

1. Support not to take the initiative to provide six small items at the same time, hotels can provide them appropriately according to the needs of the guests, this approach will be recognized by more and more consumers.    

2. Disposable plastic bags, disposable tableware and tablecloths for waste reduction are not provided. The use of stainless steel chopsticks can be supported, which are easily sterilized at high temperatures and can be used permanently.    

3. Save paper. Using the paperless desk, the paper can be used on both sides. Napkins, napkins, notes and stationery are not open for supply, one for each person, and must be provided. Try to use a mouthwash and small towels that can be used many times.    

4. Lost cotton fabrics can be transformed into rags, mops, chair covers, etc.    

5. Useful old computers, furniture, bedding, etc. can be transported or given to poverty-stricken areas for recycling.


Conclusion: By advocating green consumption, hotel products are ultimately the ultimate consumer goods, hotels need to establish a sense of social responsibility and support savings as a way of life. Use lively and varied forms to create a life-saving atmosphere.    

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