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How to keep hotel linen clean and hygiene? Hanbi Textile

  1. 1. Remove hotel linen before washing and set the wash temperature to ≤40 ℃.    

2. Soak the hotel sheets in water for a few minutes before washing them and the time should not be too long so as not to damage the color of the hotel sheets; note that pure cotton hotel linens with sweat stains are not allowed soak. Hot water to prevent the appearance of macular degeneration.    

3. After rinsing, you do not need to use much water when not rinsing, but you should wash it several times. Do you have to squeeze it every time you rinse, something that will improve the washing quality of the hotel linen.    

4. Hotel bedding should not be exposed to the sun, regardless of the type of fabric, so as not to damage the dye and fabric, and it should be dried from the back in a ventilated and cool place.    

5. When ironing, the higher the temperature, the better Pay attention to the hotel linen material to adjust the ironing temperature according to its performance. Generally, the ironing temperature is below 110 ℃.    

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The efficiency of using hotel towels is very high and the requirements of the customers are also very high. Hotel towel products are used very often. In the spring, when the bacteria are most active, in order to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure the health of the customers, the specified conditions of use must be used. Then, wash and disinfect the used hotel towel products. There are four basic methods of disinfecting and cleaning hotel towels:   


How to cook: First boil the hotel towel in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soapy water and pat it dry before using it.    

High pressure steam method: Put the hotel towel in the pressure cooker for about 30 minutes to kill most microorganisms, then wash and dry.   


Chemical method: Use chemical disinfectant for disinfection. You can choose a cleaner and disinfectant diluted 200 times and then completely soak the hotel towel in the solution for 15 minutes and then clean and dry it.    

Microwave method: This method is the use of a microwave oven. First we clean the hotel towels according to the procedure and then we fold them and put them in the microwave oven. After running for 5 minutes they can play sterilization.    

The above methods can be used to disinfect hotel towel products, but repeated disinfection and cleaning will make the smell of the hotel towel hard and sticky and the water absorption will also become worse, rub with salt and then boil it, rinse with water, it can remove the smell and make the hotel towel soft again.    

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Washing hotel linen is the most washable type of fabric in the laundry room. Because stains soiled by linen have similarities, under certain conditions of quality and process of raw water washing, it is often due to a lack of comprehensive understanding of the hotel laundry room And how to wash and maintain new linen, leading to in his problems are universal.    

After the new hotel linen leaves the factory, there will be a layer of industrial water pulp on it and some cotton, which can only be used after passing through the water; the hotel towels are all compressed and packed when transported. Washing can loosen the loops and remove them.  Extra hair and floating dye on hotel towels. It is more comfortable to use, the hotel linens have floating hair and dust before washing and all the cotton products will shrink after washing and the hotel pillowcase will be more beautiful after washing. It is for cleanliness and tidiness and the second for better comfort. It is more useful for after washing and finishing.    

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Special precautions for excessive watering of new hotel linen:   


  1. 1. New linen should be watered before use and the water temperature of pure white cotton hotel linen should be controlled below 50 degrees, otherwise wrinkles will appear.    

2. For pure white hotel linen with colored stripes, the water temperature should be controlled below 37 degrees, otherwise the whiteness will be affected by the dye.    

3. When all new hotel linens are washed for the first time, there may be a slight swing on the surface. This is normal, after many washes, the swing will fall off automatically. 

4. In order not to affect the whiteness of the hotel linen, all new hotel linen can not be mixed with the old hotel linen for washing.    

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