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Nine Ways to Become a Hotel Sales Champion, Did You Know? Hanbi Textile


一. One of the biggest beliefs in hotel sales    

All trade are for love! Help the hotel guests to satisfy their needs!    

二. Two skills a hotel salesperson must have    

Marketing ability    

Possibility of consolidation of resources    

三. Three spheres of hotel sales    

01: Around the customer

Able to surround and monitor customers and initially be able to reach customers and suggest purchases.    

02: Keep customers   

Build a long-term and stable relationship, not a simple buying and selling relationship, but a friendship and partnership.    

03: Being Human    

Not only do you sell hotel products, you also sell yourself.    

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四. 4 reasons why hotel sales are not performing well    

01: Habit of procrastination, constant procrastination.    

02: visit without meaning.    

03: One question and three questions, don't know how to answer, unfamiliar with hotel products.    

04: Physical exhaustion.    

五. 5 categories of hotel sellers that have skyrocketed    

01: Mentor type:Leaders who rely on wisdom to eat.    

02: Fighter type:He likes to talk, he is good at diplomacy, he likes to work side by side with sales.    

03: Type of police officer:have high faith;    

05: Hands-on type:Have a strong sense of responsibility.    

六. Personality Traits of Top Hotel Sellers    

01: Be proactive, never give up and improve your chances of success.    

02: Empathy, awareness of the untold needs of customers.    

04: Be disciplined, do simple things well and accumulate excellence.    

05: Listen more than talking, listen first and then speak, ask the right questions.    

06: Tell the truth, promise, do not lie, do not exaggerate.    

七. 7 habits of top hotel sellers    

01: Do not say harsh words.    

02: Remember the client's name, develop the habit of looking in member files.    

03: Try to hang out with people you hate.    

04: Make sure you respect customer privacy.    

05: When many people are together, when you talk to one of them, do not ignore the existence of others.    

06: Have the courage to admit mistakes and treat people with integrity.    

07: Treat everyone around you with humility.    

八. Eight most important aspects of hotel sales    

01: It is important to find customers and it is more important to identify customers.    

02: It is important to understand the product and it is more important to understand the demand.    

03: It is important to understand the price and it is more important to understand the value.    

04: It is important to integrate into the team and it is more important to integrate into the customer.    

05: Diligence in the mouth and legs is important and diligence in the heart and brain is more important.    

06: It is important to gain recognition and it is more important to gain trust.    

07: It is important to achieve cooperation and continuous cooperation is more important.    

08: Excellent sales are important, the need to sell is more important.    

九. Nine Secrets of Top Hotel Sellers    

01: Money is made for professionals - there is no product that can not be sold to the world, only those who can not sell it.    

02: Those who want to do it are always looking for a way, and those who do not want to do it are always looking for a reason; there is no path that you can not follow in the world, only people who may not understand it.    

03: Hotel sellers should not disagree with customers about the price, but discuss the value with customers.    

04: Go out with goals and come back with results Success is not because of speed, but because of methods.    

05: There are no wrong customers, only insufficient service.    

06: Professional belief of marketing people: accept rejection as a professional lifestyle.    

07: Customers will come to our store and we need to get into the hearts of customers; old customers need to be honest, new customers need excitement, urgent customers need speed, big customers need taste and small customers need benefits.    

08: What customers need is not a product, but a set of solutions. What matters is not what is sold, but how you sell.    

09: Customers do not care what you sell, but only what they want. There is no better product, only the most suitable product.    

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