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Why are feather pillows the first choice for hotels? Hanbi Textile

Feather pillows are the first choice for many hotels. The main advantages of feather pillows are the following.    

1. Light    

The feather pillow is a very light pillow and its weight is generally only one third of the weight of a cotton pillow.    

2. Good warmth    

The down pillows are very warm. In the very cold winter, many people choose to use feather pillows with a light texture. It has a three-dimensional feather and contains a lot of air, which can well prevent the invasion of cold air.    

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3. Dry and breathable    

The down pillow is also very dry. When people are asleep, it can quickly absorb the sweat secreted by the human body and eliminate it quickly. It can also automatically regulate the temperature inside the duvet, which results in being warm in winter and cool in summer.


4. Convenient storage    

An advantage of the feather pillow is that many pillows can not be compared, that is, it does not take up space, we can manually squeeze the feather pillow, it will become very small, this feature is very favorable for the collection, for the hotel Induction saves time and space.    

5. Good practicality    

Although the price is slightly more expensive than cotton and chemical fiber pillows, the result is unmatched by cotton and chemical fiber pillows, especially for patients with poor cervical spine. Shelf life can generally be longer than 20 years. Usually mild if there is depression, just clap your hands evenly and after 2 to 3 hours of sun exposure, it can return to its original state.    

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