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We can say that "the guest room is the heart of the hotel". If the heart of a hotel stops beating, then everything that works in that hotel, including marketing, front office, finance, engineering, etc., does not make sense. Therefore, the location of the housekeeping in the hotel is very important. To be a competent housekeeping manager, it is essential that you fully understand the role of the housekeeping, formulate work goals and plans accordingly, and effectively perform the duties of a manager.    

Hotel guest room status 


As a trained housekeeping manager, understanding the role and position of the housekeeping is the key to doing well at work. The more thorough the understanding, the higher the vision, the higher the business level and the more professional the degree of professionalism.    

  1. 1. Income from rooms is the main source of income from the operation of the hotel    

Income from rooms generally represents more than 50% of the operating income of the hotel, while some hotels even exceed 70%.    

For a general hotel, the revenue from the rooms is the main part of the operating revenue of the hotel, while the revenue from the catering and other revenue is only the secondary revenue of the hotel and the GOP (total gross profit rate) will be relatively high .    

Income from the rooms is also the main part of the hotel's gross profit and its operating costs are much lower than that of the catering business. Therefore, at present, most hotel investors will pay close attention to the proportion of room capital investment, the amount of room layout and the quality of room decoration.  


2. Room service is the main indicator for measuring the quality of hotel service    

Every guest staying in a hotel, apart from the first impression left by the lobby and the front room, can gain the trust and satisfaction of the guests depends mainly on the condition of the room. The quality of room service directly affects the satisfaction of guests at the hotel.    

The level of room service can be said to reflect the level of service of the entire hotel and is also the main indicator for measuring the quality of management and services of a hotel.   


3. Rooms are the reference point for "price" and "value"    

When guests choose to stay in a hotel, the first concern is the price, whether the price is affordable, whether it is "value for money", and then other related issues.    

Whether the guest's rating of the room is "value for money", the room is a reference point for "price" and "value". The reason why the "returning guests" of the hotel return and the reason why the "loyal guests" of the hotel are loyal is still the main determining factor for the condition, the price and the service of the room.    

4. Rooms are the bridge that connects market sales and customer consumption    

Only when guests stay in the room can the hotel's equipment and facilities work. The business activities of the hotel marketing department, including advertising, booking marketing, customer service and signing contracts, are carried out with room-focused products.    

For example, if many hotels want to do a good job meeting products, without exception, they will use the customers of the original room deal as their main business resources for development.    

As a result, the connection between the rooms and the guests is very obvious, and the customers and the deal units have played a role in promoting the live image of the hotel as "live ads".    

5. The cleaning and maintenance procedures of the housekeeping are the "high standard" of the hotel    

Among the various work regulations of the hotel, the work regulations of the housekeeping must be the most neat, the most detailed, the strictest and the most measurable indicators.    

The housekeeping management and service procedures, including workflow, hygiene inspection system, safety measures, staff training procedures, etc. management procedures regulatory "level".    

The duties of housekeeping manager 

Once we understand the importance of the housekeeping, the responsibilities of the cleaner are also clear, which can be classified into the following 12 points:    

1. Specify the specifications    

Formulates various business objectives and business management systems of the household department, organizes and promotes the implementation of its various plans, organizes the preparation and review of work procedures and methods of work evaluation of the housekeeping department.    

2. Supervision and regulations    

Responsible for supervising and guiding the staff of the housekeeping department in order to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the hotel and the department and to provide services in accordance with the work procedure and the standards of service. Training of floor supervisors in the housekeeping department.    

3. Check the workspace    

Supervision, guidance and inspection of the daily work of the washing machine, the warehouse and the common areas.    

4. Pay attention to special guests:    

Responsible for the control of VIP rooms, the reception of VIP guests, the visit of patients and long-term guests and the acceptance of complaints from guests, the effort to eliminate possible negative effects and the creation of a good image of the hotel among the guests.    

5. Understand customer requirements    

Gather visitors' views and requirements to find timely problems, continually improve work, and improve service. Make regular appointments with important guests who have a long-term relationship with the hotel, listen to their views humbly and constantly improve and perfect the work.    

6. Do a good job in external communication    

Responsible for coordinating the work of the home care department, communicating and cooperating with all relevant departments and paying attention to strengthening contact and communication with counterparts in the hotel industry.    

7. Supervise the security of the rooms    

Responsible for supervising and inspecting the safety and fire protection work in the management department of the cleaning department, strengthening the relevant training, ensuring that every employee in the department is familiar with fire emergency measures and actively cooperating with the security department to maintain all firefighting passages are unobstructed and firefighting equipment intact to ensure the safety of life and property of visitors.    

8. Understand the use of hostel consumables    

Supervises, inspects and controls the consumption of various items and supplies in the cleaning department and the use of various equipment and facilities.    

9. Develop a maintenance plan    

Help the engineering department to do a good job in the maintenance work plan of various equipment and facilities in the guest room department and take an active part in the renovation and expansion of the room. Check firefighting equipment, do a good job of security and preventing fire and theft, and help investigate criminals.    

10. Do a good job in employee management    

Plans and implements the staffing status of the housekeeping department and has the right to propose the promotion of staff according to the evaluation results and business capacity and to be responsible for the employment, training and evaluation of staff above the head of the department .    

At the same time, we care about improving the thinking, life and quality of the business water of the employees in the department and we are constantly improving the quality of the employees in the department.    

11. Report the status of the department    

Chairs the day-to-day operations of the department and the regular meetings of the directors and the foreman of the Department.    

12. Control of department expenses    

Configure the operating budget of the housekeeping department, check the various expenses and check the completion, analysis and archiving of various work reports and important files. Responsible for managing house cleaning, equipment depreciation, maintenance, cost control (budget), security, etc.    

Skills needed by hotel room managers    

1. Practical ability to operate    

①Familiar with various workflows    

As a housekeeping manager, you need to know the floor, the PA team, the responsible laundry, the layout of each branch, and the working procedure and procedures of each employee, and you need to guide and correct the employees at work. to make mistakes at work requires the ability to work and demonstrate personally.    

②Excellent work skills    

Each branch and position of the housekeeping department has some particularly important business skills. For example, when the PA team maintains the crystal surface of the marble floor in the maintenance room, how to make the marble as bright as a mirror surface, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct ratio of crystalline dust and sanding time during the manufacturing process crystal surface, especially during the crystal surface construction process. During the grinding process, it is necessary to ensure that the marble surface is wet to prevent dry grinding and to cause serious damage to the marble surface.    

Therefore, as the director of the cleaning department, you should pay special attention to the basics and details of training when designing the training program for each branch of the department. The training process combines theory with practice, more on-site training and review of operating procedures and precautions in actual operation.    

③Staff management and training capabilities    

Each branch of the cleaning department should have some highly qualified staff. For example, the position of laundry worker requires the ability to know, be familiar with and understand the characteristics of the fabric of various garments, and be familiar with dry cleaning and water washing techniques.    

Therefore, as the housekeeping department manager, you should pay close attention to the laundry foreman's oversight of day-to-day management tasks and provide guidance and training on the proper operation and maintenance of the laundry equipment, as well as the proper use of the detergent. so that laundry staff can be proficient in a variety of washing technologies, to become a specialist employee in washing technology, dry cleaning.    

2. Communication skills    

① Ability to communicate between departments    

As a housekeeping manager, you must be good at uniting all the forces that can not be united, and you must be good at learning to communicate effectively with those who disagree with you. This way, you can truly be a professional master who has the ability to deal with anyone and can effectively improve the efficiency of your department's work.    

② Training to raise the awareness of the services of frontline employees    

In the day-to-day work of the housekeeping department, front-line staff are the main body that directly treats the guests and serves the guests.    

Therefore, as a department manager, you should inform the staff of the department that the products provided by the hotel to the guests are services and the level of quality of the services directly represents the image of the hotel. How to be detailed in the service process? It is not just what the visitor asks, you provide the visitor, but before the visitor asks, we can think about what the visitor thinks, provide what the visitor wants and make a surprise to the visitor, so that he is in thousands. mind, with your hotel in mind.    

3. Ability to manage macros    

①The ability to understand the overall situation and recognize the relationship between the part and the whole    

A star hotel consists of several sections. Each department is inseparable from the support and cooperation of other departments. For example, guests staying in rooms need the food and beverage department to provide breakfast and room service. Therefore, there is an inevitable relationship and cooperation between the departments.  


What we enjoy in these processes is a process with high quality services and a smooth process. Therefore, understanding the department and the relationship between this department and other hotel departments is a necessary skill for department managers.    

②Think about the problem from the perspective of the hotel as a whole    

We must take advantage of our strengths and make up for our weaknesses. For example, our hotel is a garden-style resort and leisure hotel by Lake Taihu, with a unique geographical location, which is to our advantage, so our "weakness" must be shortened.    

This is summarized as "Five Peaks": First, the management is standard; the second is the hardware level; the third is the environmental features; the fourth is the service level; the fifth is the marketing.    

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