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Identify the quality of hotel towels    

Hotel towels as one of the hotel linens. Now, there are different quality in the market, there are many kinds of hotel towels, and there are even polyester-containing raw materials pretending to be pure cotton. Let customers know what to do when purchasing towels, and accidentally spend high prices but may buy products of poor quality. We briefly talk about the identification method of hotel towel quality, so that everyone can have a general understanding of hotel towel knowledge.    

First of all, let’s talk about the types of hotel towels. There are many types of towels, but in general there are the following types: face towels, children’s towels, square towels, rectangle towels, bath towels, disposable towels, hotel towels, beach towels. In terms of craftsmanship, it is divided into: ordinary terry towel, vertical towel, segmented towel, cut velvet towel, jacquard towel, and printed towel. From the organizational form, it is divided into: single single hair, single double hair, double double hair. Know the types, crafts and organizational forms of towels. Let's talk about several main aspects that affect the quality of hotel towels:    

1, the raw materials of the towel    

The raw material of the towel directly determines the quality of the towel, and the prices of different raw materials vary greatly. The raw material used in high-quality towels must be 100% cotton, and the cotton yarn is 21s, 32s, or 40s. The advantages of pure cotton hotel towels are incomparable with other towels containing chemical fiber raw materials. How to distinguish whether the hotel towel is pure cotton, as long as you pay attention to the following points.   


  1. 1. Water absorption: The pure cotton hotel towel has good water absorption. Take a pure cotton towel and gently put it into the water. It absorbs water quickly and sinks quickly. After taking it out, it is wrung out and hung vertically. It is pure cotton without dripping water. The polyester-containing towel absorbs water slowly. After taking it out and wringing it out, there are water droplets hanging vertically.    

2. Appearance: pure cotton towels have good whiteness, the color of the towel is pure, but the whiteness of polyester-containing towels is not good, and the color is dark. It is easy to distinguish these points together.    

3. Combustion method: Take a fiber from different towels and burn it with a lighter. Pure cotton has a natural ash smell. After blowing the extinguisher, the spark will not go out. , Burns quickly, has peculiar smell, after blowing out the extinguisher, it goes out immediately.    

4. The most fundamental way is to take a few fibers and put them under the purple light, and the color of the banknotes is undoubtedly polyester.    

2, the style and weight of hotel towels    

A single hotel towel weighs less, good style. Prove that the better cotton yarn used. On the contrary, the weight of the towel is not low. Towel style is not good, short hair, not thick, it proves that the quality of cotton yarn is poor. Towel weight error should not be too large, 12 pcs (1bag) the error is usually in 2%. The whole bag error is generally in 0.5%. The rate of certified products should generally reach 99.5%. The accuracy rate of packaging quantity should generally be within 99.9%.    

3. Appearance defects    

A good hotel towel should be of the same length (the error should not exceed 1%), and the wool and flowers should be smooth (this has a lot to do with the weaving process of the towel. It does not mean that a good cotton yarn must have the same wool, but a bad cotton yarn is generally irregular, because now there is a dryer, which can smooth the hair when drying, which is used for the production of poor cotton towel, so that it can achieve high-quality towel style). The surface of the towel should have no broken diameter, broken weft, sparse path. The surface of the towel should have no broken diameter, broken weft, thin path, tight path, bald hair, uneven ring, burr edge, etc., can be seen by laying the towel on the table, or stretching it to face the light. In addition, the towel should be clean and tidy, without oil stains. Rust stains, holes, residues Edge, no residual thread.    

4. Sewing quality    

In sewing, the stitches are required to be beautiful, strong and firm, the sewing thread should be the same color as the towel, the stitch length should be 2-2.5 per cm, and there should be no open feet, wrinkles, silk loops, floating threads, skipped stitches, etc.    

5, cleanliness requirements    

Hotel rooms need to be disinfected every day to ensure cleanliness. After the guest leaves, it must be replaced.    

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