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Why are latex pillows so expensive?    

Because rubber tree sap is extremely precious, each rubber tree can only produce about 30cc of latex sap per day. A latex pillow takes at least 2-3 days to make, which is time-consuming and precious. In addition, the latex pillow is very cost-effective, not only antibacterial and anti-mite, but also not easy to deform, and the service life is about 5 years.    

Correct pillow method of latex pillow    

  1. 1. The height of the latex pillow, generally speaking, the height of the pillow is 10-15 cm, and the specific size depends on the physiological curvature of each person. Those with wider shoulders and heavier weights sleep higher; those with narrower and thinner shoulders can sleep lower.    

2. Generally speaking, it is best if the height of the fist is equal to the height of the latex pillow after compression. For people who are used to sleeping on their backs, the lowest point of the back of the head after compression is equal to the height of their fist.    

In general, 10-12cm is the most suitable one. If you are a person with a significantly taller height and a thicker back, you can choose a pillow with a maximum height of 15cm, but it cannot exceed this height. Pillow height For adults, too high or too low pillow height is not good, it will cause various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, or cervical spondylosis.    

10cm is suitable for people who sleep with low pillows, and can be changed at will according to their sleeping habits    

12cm is suitable for people sleeping with high pillows, and can be changed at will according to their sleeping habits    

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Can the latex pillow be washed?    

In fact, I can tell you for sure that latex pillows are washable! It's just that some people don't pay much attention to the method and method when washing with water, so they will be washed bad.   


Latex pillows must be hand washed    

Because the latex pillow is made of natural latex stock solution after foaming, there are many honeycomb holes inside the latex pillow, which is also a very good guarantee for the air permeability and hygroscopicity of the latex pillow. Because of these holes, the latex will absorb a lot of water after it is wet, so it will be torn if you are not careful.   


So how should I wash it? When cleaning, the latex pillow should be placed flat in a large basin filled with water, the latex pillow should be completely soaked, and then the latex pillow should be pressed by hand to clean the dust inside. You can also put it in a larger washbasin, turn on the faucet to rinse the surface of the latex pillow, and then squeeze the pillow to clean it.    

Latex pillows must be placed flat    

After the latex pillow is cleaned, you must not pull a corner or pinch a part of the pillow to lift the pillow out of the water, which will tear the pillow. At this time, the pillow should be held flat with both hands in the water, placed in a basin that can drain the water, and the moisture in the pillow should be squeezed out.    

After squeezing the water, wrap it with a towel. Because the towel has a very good water absorption capacity, it can absorb part of the water in the latex pillow, and at the same time, it can prevent the latex pillow from entering again due to external dust when it is drying. resulting in secondary pollution.    

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Latex pillows must be strictly prohibited from exposure to the sun    

Latex pillows must not be exposed to the sun, be sure to remember! !    

Because it is natural latex, if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will make the latex pillow hard and crack. This is no joke! After washing, the latex pillow can only be dried in a ventilated place. If you can't wait that long, you can dry it with a hair dryer at low temperature.    

As a reminder, latex pillows have certain natural anti-mite and antibacterial properties, so as long as they are well protected, they do not need to be cleaned frequently. If they are cleaned frequently, there will still be some damage to latex pillows.    

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