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How can hotels better prevent epidemics during repeated epidemics? Hanbi Textile


Disinfection of public areas    

1. Public parts and public contact items such as halls, corridors, conference rooms, elevators, stairs, floors, walls, and toilets must be disinfected every day.    

2. The cleaning utensils used in each area should be separated, so that they are dedicated to special areas and special items to avoid cross-contamination.    

3. Wash hands before and after passing paper documents, and wear masks when passing documents.    

4. Public utensils and utensils are strictly sterilized for one customer, one replacement, one for one. Restrooms should be kept clean and dry, hand sanitizer provided, and facilities such as faucets in normal use.    

Toilet disinfection    

1. The toilet in the guest room is disinfected once a day, and guests should clean and disinfect in time after checking out.    

2. The frequency of inspections in public restrooms should be increased, and the frequency of disinfection should be increased according to the situation.    

3. Use disinfectant to wipe and disinfect the toilet bowl and surrounding area, and the disinfection time is 30 minutes.    

4. The surfaces in the bathroom are mainly those frequently touched by disinfected hands, such as doorknobs, faucets, etc., use disinfectants or other disinfectants that can be used for surface disinfection, wipe and disinfect, and wipe clean with water after the disinfection time is 30 minutes.    

Disinfection of cleaning tools    

Use self-configured disinfectant for immersion and disinfection, rinse with clean water after 30 minutes, and dry it for storage. Disinfection of floors and walls, manual configuration of disinfectant. The disinfection time should be no less than 15 minutes. To disinfect the surfaces of desktops, door handles, faucets, etc., manually prepare disinfectant, wipe for 30 minutes, and then wipe clean with water.    

Room disinfection    

For disinfection of desktops, handrails, handles, floors, etc., chlorine dioxide tablets are dissolved in a certain amount of water, and the disinfectant is configured with a concentration of 100ppm chlorine dioxide. The rags and mops are cleaned and soaked, and then wiped. 

For rapid disinfection, it is especially important to pay attention to the need for key treatment such as toilets. The amount of spraying in ordinary places is 10ml/m³, and the amount of spraying in special areas such as toilets is doubled. At the same time of rapid disinfection, a bottle of chlorine dioxide slow-release disinfectant is placed on the wall at a height of about 1 meter in the bathroom of the guest room and the inside of the guest room. 

Chlorine oxide molecules are dispersed in the space and continue to kill bacteria and viruses in the space. In large semi-enclosed spaces such as restaurants and hotel conference rooms, it can be placed with reference to 10-12㎡/bottle.    

As a densely populated place, these tedious daily disinfection work must be done every day. In short, for different disinfection objects, disinfection should be carried out according to the above-mentioned concentration, disinfection time and disinfection method to ensure the disinfection effect. 

Disinfectants are toxic and irritating to a certain extent. When preparing and using, you should pay attention to personal protection. You should wear protective glasses, masks and gloves. At the same time, disinfectants are corrosive to a certain extent. After disinfection, wipe them with water to prevent damage to the disinfected items. . The disinfectant used should be within the validity period.    

Only in this way can the hotel's all-round work operation be guaranteed. Most of this traditional disinfection method is done by the cleaning staff outsourced by the hotel. And the work attitude can not be guaranteed to be correct, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of hotel space disinfection. 

If all aspects are improperly operated, the disinfection of the medicine will have different degrees of pungent smell, which will affect the normal operation of the hotel in serious cases. Therefore, the hotel's disinfection and epidemic prevention work should be highly valued by hotel managers.    


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