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How to remove odor from towels? Hanbi Textile

Towels are fibrous fabrics. After a long time of use, it is difficult to remove bacteria that penetrate deep into the fiber gaps. Cleaning, drying, and high-temperature cooking can only control the number of bacteria in a short time, and cannot permanently remove bacteria. If you use old towels for a long time, it will create opportunities for bacteria to invade. Therefore, it is best to change a new towel in about three months.    

The more you use the towel, the stickier it will become, the less absorbent it will be, and it will give off a bad smell. The more you wash it with soap, the stickier it will become. At this time, how to remove the odor of towels?    

1. After scrubbing with an appropriate amount of salt water, scald it with hot water, and finally rinse it with clean water, which can not only restore the original color of the towel, but also eliminate the strange smell.    

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2. Add a little soda noodles to the water and boil it in boiling water. Then sun, sterilize and remove odor.    

3. Put the rice water and the towel into the pot to cook, so that the towel will have a light rice fragrance.    

4. Put the towel in the white vinegar in side the bubble, note: vinegar the ratio of water and water is 4:1,  which can be measured in plastic bottles. After soaking for 15 minutes, wash it again with washing powder or soap.    

5. The pressure cooker cooking method, after washing the towel, put it into the pressure cooker or cook it in the pot for about 15 minutes, and the strange smell can be eliminated.    


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