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How to maintain the hotel linen to prolong its service life? Hanbi Textile

The service life of hotel linen    

Generally speaking, the washing times of hotel linen is about:    

Hotel Cotton sheets/pillowcases: 130~150 times;    

Blended (65% polyester, 35% cotton): 180~220 times;    

Hotel Towels: 100~110 times;    

Hotel Table cloth : 120~130 times.    

PS:The above washing times are set according to the standard requirements of world-class hotels, and are only used as a reference standard. The data is only the usual standard in the industry.    

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Causes of damage to hotel linen    

Reason for washing:    

1. Incorrect feeding time during washing    

When the amount of water in the machine is insufficient (especially bleaching chemicals), it is easy to cause the detergent to concentrate on the part of the hotel linen, thereby causing damage to the hotel linen

2. Improper use of bleach    

For different stains, not choosing the right product, misuse and excessive use of detergent;    

3. Too much detergent    

Incomplete cleaning will result in fiber damage and shortened life;    

4. Washing clothes    

Mix zippered and pilling items.    

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Machine and Human Causes:    

1. The drum of the washing machine has burrs or some parts are not smooth    

During the washing process, it is very likely to cause the hotel linen to be scratched or worn, which is manifested as drawing, following yarn, and then small holes appear and gradually expand;    

2. The sorting work before washing is not serious    

Mix some sharp or hard debris in it, causing damage during washing;    

3. The washing time is too short    

Mechanical force causes tearing, or the washing time is too short, the number of times is too small, the washing residue or the washing procedure is defective, and the residual alkali and residual chlorine are not neutralized and removed;    

4. The hook is broken when loading or leaving the machine before and after washing    

Excessive force or touching sharp objects to puncture or hook;    

5. Hotel Linen quality and storage environment    

Cotton fabrics must be stored away from moisture, the warehouse should be well ventilated, and the edges of the warehouse shelves should be smooth.    

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How to avoid it?    

1. Correct use of detergent    

Understand the basic characteristics and usage of detergents, pay special attention to the correct use of chlorine bleach, remove excess residual chlorine with a dechlorination agent in time, and neutralize residual alkali with a neutralizer. Also try to avoid direct contact of cotton fabrics with some corrosive chemicals.    

2. Do a good job of sorting before washing    

Including the sorting of hotel linen species and the separation of sundries.    

3. Check the machine frequently    

When washing, the loading amount should be appropriate (80%~85%). Too much or too little will affect the cleanliness and wear of the hotel linen. Check whether there are sharp and iron impurities in the drum of the machine.    

4. Avoid "fatigue use" of hotel linen    

Avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing multiple times in the day will accelerate the shortening of the life of the hotel linen. It should have sufficient rest time, at least more than 24 hours, that is, after washing, use it again the next day, so that the life of the hotel linen will be longer.    

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