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4 ways to help you do hotel linen management Hanbi Textile

  1. 1. The hotel must choose to cooperate with a qualified and well-managed laundry factory and sign a coordinated agreement between the two parties.

  2. Laundry factories must have certain qualifications and capabilities, which include not only complete washing equipment, but also a standardized management team and staff team. The combination of the two guarantees the washing quality and service life of hotel linen. This requires the hotel to be able to conduct on-site inspections when selecting partners for cooperation, and to observe irregularly during the cooperation period. In addition, when signing a linen washing agreement, the requirements for linen washing and distribution should be detailed, because in the process of cooperation between the hotel and the laundry factory, the issue of linen washing and distribution often consumes a lot of time and communication costs. It will inevitably affect the operation of the hotel and the guarantee of service quality. In addition, in the agreement, the staff involved in the laundry factory entering the hotel area. In principle, as long as they work within the hotel, their behavior must comply with the hotel management regulations and the hotel's requirements for linen management.    

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2. The hotel linen room must be assigned a person and a post, and there must be a warehouse keeper who is specially responsible for the reception and distribution of linen.

The warehouse clerk must have a strong sense of responsibility and management and coordination ability, and should also have a certain understanding of the work flow of the floor foreman and employees. Moreover, in view of the importance of the position of the warehouse clerk, the position level should be set above the foreman level, and the direct superior of the warehouse clerk is the room supervisor or the room manager, which is more convenient to ensure the communication and coordination of the hotel's internal linen management. The warehouse keeper is the central point of the handover between the hotel and the laundry factory. The first is to ensure that the amount of linen handed over between the hotel and the laundry factory is accurate, and the second is to provide feedback and coordination on the internal management of the linen.    

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3. The hotel room department must implement the department's operating standard procedures and the linen management system for the linen room.

First of all, the guest room should be equipped with a sufficient amount of linen as required. The linen room and the linen room on each floor should ensure a certain amount of linen for turnover and replacement, so as to avoid the laundry factory due to various aspects when the open room rate is high. The internal linen allocation is misaligned due to delays in the delivery of linen. Secondly, employees must implement the requirements of room cleaning specifications, strictly distinguish the use of cleaning rags, and strictly prohibit the use of guest towels for cleaning or dusting, so as to avoid secondary pollution of towels, increase the difficulty of cleaning in laundry factories and speed up linen reporting. loss speed. At the same time, classify and count the linen that needs to be cleaned and sent to be washed, so as to avoid the quilt cover such as square towels, pillow bags, etc. being involved in the quilt cover to the greatest extent, resulting in omission and loss during inventory. Finally, room managers should do a good job of daily linen supervision and management. After the quantitative calibration and configuration of the number of linen in the guest room area and floor, they should have a clear understanding of the daily linen consumption of the staff in the morning, middle and night shifts in the guest room to ensure the area distribution. The dynamic balance of grass quantity enables the hotel's requirements for linen management to be internalized and refined into the daily operation specifications of each employee.    

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4. Regularly do the inventory of linen in the guest room every month, and supervise the financial report of linen damage and inventory quantity.Through data-based management, we can grasp the changes of room linen, track and summarize problems in time, and grasp the changes in the total amount of hotel room linen on a macro level.   


Due to the particularity and objectivity of the positioning of mid-range hotels, the management of linen must be regarded as an interlocking and systematic dynamic process. This is different from high-end hotels. Having an independent laundry factory can make the hotel pay more attention to the meticulous management of internal floors, laundry rooms and linen rooms. For mid-range hotels, the guest room is the center of the hotel, all work revolves around the guest room, and the comfort of the guest room is very important, and the control of linen is the central part of the comfort of the guest room. Management is the top priority.    

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