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What are the types of quilt core materials in hotel bedding?Hanbi Textile

  1. 1. Cotton quilt core: Cotton is the best filling for the quilt core. Although it is not as fluffy as down, it is better than down in other aspects, and its service life is much higher than that of the duvet core.    

2. Duvet core: Down will give people a very fluffy feeling, and people will feel more comfortable when lying on it, but it will lose elasticity after a long time, and the rebound is slow and the cost is high. The down in the mattress of poor quality is easy to fall out, so it will lose its original thickness over time.    

3. Wool quilt core: It has good breathability, resilience and comfort, healthy and durable, allowing your skin to breathe healthily and freely, keeping it fresh and dry, and not deformed after long-term use. It is more suitable for children, the elderly and the infirm.    

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4. Fiber quilt core: The fiber quilt core has good thermal insulation and fluffy performance, because the air in the cavity plays a good role in heat insulation and fluffy, and the synthetic fiber lacks the conditions for bacterial growth, so it will not be moldy and insect-eaten, and the price Inexpensive, it is widely used as a filler for home textile products.    

5. Inflatable quilt core: There is an inflatable tube system in the mattress, with inflation and exhaust devices respectively. Easy to carry or store. The inflatable bed has a certain bearing force on the body, and the softness and hardness of the quilt can be properly adjusted by controlling the amount of inflation. However, the floating feeling during use interferes with sleep quality, which is generally suitable for use when camping outside.    

6. Latex quilt core: also known as foam quilt core and PU foam quilt core. It is made of polyurethane compounds. It has the advantages of high softness and strong water absorption, but it has low air permeability and high price. It is easy to use with rubber pads for a long time. stick tightly.    

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7. Sponge: It is characterized by good resilience, softness and air permeability; high resilience sponge is a kind of sponge mainly produced by active polyphosphorus and TDI, which has excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity. High compressive load, flame resistance and good air permeability.    

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