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7 types of praise services impress guests, how many has your hotel achieved? Hanbi Textile



Parent-child family    

Families who "take a baby to travel" will pay special attention to their children's preferences and have higher requirements for hotel environmental services. If the hotel can do enough work in this area, the accompanying parents are naturally willing to give five-star praise.   


1,Keep your kids entertained:

① Gift selection: Many hotels will prepare special check-in gifts for children, usually toys, snacks, etc. The gifts sent should not only control the cost according to their own situation, but also ensure the quality of the gifts to avoid self-defeating.    

② Recommended attractions: The hotel can provide parents with some attractions suitable for children in the surrounding or the city (such as amusement parks, zoos, etc.), and provide some simple strategies. When recommending, you can say"I think your kids will like it"    

③ Kind regards: After feeling the enthusiasm and friendliness of the hotel service staff, many children will "wrap around" on these staff. If you play with them patiently and take the initiative to chat with the children, it will be easier to impress the guests.    

2, Let the children play comfortably:

① Room items: For small guests, the hotel can prepare some special supplies for them, such as children's toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath towels, towels and slippers. Pay attention to the words: "We observed that you brought a lovely child, we specially prepared for the child …”Let the guest know this is especially for his child.    

② Special concern: Take the initiative to ask parents if they need to provide some other services, such as extra beds, quilts, etc. For younger babies, the hotel can also work on some details, such as: preparing more bottles of mineral water for parents to make milk powder, etc.    

3, Let the children play at ease:

① Public area: As a public place, the hotel is in many situations. The hotel needs to assist parents to take care of children, and keep an eye on the movements of children in the hotel to ensure their safety in the hotel.    

② Inside the room: Take protective measures for children, such as providing parents with electric shock-proof socket covers and other items to prevent children from accidentally getting electric shock.    

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The elderly have a strong family love, and they value the service quality of the hotel more than the rich check-in ceremony and high-end equipment and facilities. Whether it can provide the elderly with a home-like comfort experience has become the focus of the hotel's services.    

1,Take care like family:

① Check in/check out: For elderly guests with inconvenient legs and feet, if they are accompanied by relatives while waiting for the business to be processed, they can be guided to the rest area for a short rest and served with hot tea; If the customer in front agrees, priority will be given to handling business for them.    

② Rational arrangement of houses: For elderly guests traveling alone, with their consent, a room close to the elevator can be arranged for them to facilitate their walking; for elderly guests traveling with family members and friends, adjacent rooms should be arranged as much as possible.    

The front desk needs to pay attention when arranging special rooms for guests under special considerations: first, tell the guests why you do this; second, seek the opinions of the guests, so as to avoid misunderstandings and complaints by the guests out of good-hearted operations.    

③ Room service: Dig deep into the living habits of elderly guests, and provide corresponding services in combination with these details. For example, if elderly guests have the habit of drinking hot water and making tea, the hotel can actively heat hot water for them in advance. Considering that many elderly people have the habit of soaking their feet, hotels around the scenic spot can prepare foot soaking basins with disposable basin sets for them.    

2,Greet like family:

① Take the initiative to greet: Elderly guests like to chat with people. When encountering elderly guests, hotel service personnel need to take the initiative to say hello to them. They can chat with them about travel plans, experience of play, hometown conditions and other topics. Helping places, reminding elderly guests to pay attention to anti-skid, etc., can enhance the emotional connection between the hotel and them.    

② Kindly address: There are also certain skills in addressing the elderly, and they are required to be as friendly and warm as possible. Young waiters can address them as"grandfather/grandmother", middle-aged and elderly waiters can call it"uncle/Aunt","big brother/elder sister","grandfather/old lady"Wait.    

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Unwell guests    

For guests who are unwell, what the hotel can do is to provide them with meticulous and thoughtful care and timely help.    

1, Care about inquiries: For guests who have a bad face and feel unwell on the opposite side, when providing services for them, they can take the initiative to ask the guests if they have any discomfort, and at the same time, they can arrange a room close to the duty room for the guests, and at the same time, they can inform the guests that they can contact the hotel at any time if they need it. With the consent of the guests, the staff can be arranged to visit the door at regular intervals.    

2, Eemergency items: For the injured guests, you can send Band-Aids, gauze, disinfectant and other items in time. For guests with a cold and fever, the hotel can prepare temperature needles, anti-fever stickers, nutritional products and other items, but remember not to take the initiative to provide guests with medicines, especially Internal medicine.    

3. Provide help: For guests with inconvenient legs and feet who need a wheelchair, they can take the initiative to assist them to take the elevator, open the door, and carry their luggage.    

4. Emergency hospital: For guests with sudden illness, the hotel needs to contact the ambulance as soon as possible. For guests traveling alone, the hotel should contact their family members in time, and send a special person to follow the whole process to assist the hospital in solving other needs of the guests.    

5. Synchronize: At the same time, the hotel should do a good job of synchronizing the situation of the guests, including but not limited to: the service staff at the front desk, guest rooms, and restaurants. When the guests go out again or check out, the hotel can provide care: "Do you feel better now?" To further gain the goodwill of customers.    

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Female guest    

Female guests are easily impressed by small details. In the face of this part of the guests, the hotel can stimulate their desire for praise through some small service details based on the excavation of their details, and finally convert them into a high-quality review.    

1, Thing: According to the habitual characteristics of female guests, prepare some small things that they can use every day, and provide them proactively when they need or find that they may need it. It is recommended that the hotel can keep these things for female guests: physiological products, cleansing oil, cleansing cotton, hair band, hairpin, warm baby, etc.   


2, Care: Due to the influence of the menstrual period, female guests may feel uncomfortable during their stay in the store. The front desk, guest rooms and other waiters found their discomfort and sent a message of concern in a timely manner"Are you all right?", send a cup of warm brown sugar water and a hot water bottle, it is very easy to impress them.    

3, Surprise: Create small surprises for these guests and provide some materials that they can show off (such as room decoration, care notes, room gifts, etc.), they may not only write a review, but also have the opportunity to attach a beautiful picture.    


Drunk guest    

Drunk guests may be unconscious. When receiving these guests, in addition to eliminating their discomfort as much as possible, it is also necessary to ensure the personal safety and property safety of hotel staff as much as possible.    

1, Eliminate guest discomfort:

① Sober up for itThe hotel can provide them with wet towels and sober soup to help them regain consciousness; in addition, a basin can be prepared by the bedside for easy use. At the same time, you can also prepare fruit, food, etc., which can be eaten when the guests are sober to show the hotel's concern.    

② Clean up the site: For guests who accidentally vomit in public, the hotel should immediately arrange cleaning to avoid discomfort to other guests. At the same time, you can deliver mouthwash to clean your mouth. Do not show disgust or disgust when serving, so as not to arouse the dissatisfaction of guests or accompanying relatives and friends.    

③ Emergency medical treatment: If a guest falls into a coma due to intoxication, he needs to be sent to the hospital urgently. If a guest is traveling alone, the hotel must accompany him and contact his family members urgently.    

④ Afterwards care: When the guest sobers up, the hotel service staff can ask the guest how the situation is now, and politely remind the guest that they should drink in moderation to avoid affecting their health. If you can't reach the guests, you can leave a sticky note in the room for concern.    

2, Ensure hotel safety:

① Accompanying you into the room:For guests who are unable to act by themselves, the hotel can choose two people to travel together and send the guests back to the room. One of the accompanying people must be the security guard of the hotel to ensure the personal safety of the staff. In order to avoid disputes, staff members of the same gender should support guests, and do not undress for guests.    

② Damage compensation: Drunk guests may contaminate the hotel's carpets, sheets, mattresses and other items. The hotel should set up a clear price compensation table in the guest room. If the pollution caused by the guest cannot be easily cleaned up, it can claim the guest with reasonable grounds.    

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Business guests    

The purpose of business guests' travel is mainly for business work, the pursuit of efficiency is the priority, and at the same time, they can provide necessary support for their work.   


1,Efficiency first:In terms of handling any matter for this type of guests, the hotel should help them save time as much as possible, including check-in and check-out, shuttle transportation, etc.   


2,Respond flexibly:Business guests have higher requirements for travel flexibility, and they may need to stay at the hotel for a while due to working hours. The hotel can provide some late check-out services for them. If they cannot provide extended stay services, they can arrange for them to work in restaurants and other places.    

3,Itinerary planning:After business guests place an order and before arriving at the store, the hotel canIMIn order to win the favor of the guests, inform the guests of the weather, traffic and other travel information.    

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The travel purpose of this type of guests is clear, and they just have to have fun. Therefore, for these guests, the hotel can create memorable service moments for them and win praise.    

1,Play strategy:The hotel can provide a special local travel guide, which can include: attractions guide, food recommendations, traffic maps, etc. Compared with traditional travel manuals, it is easier to win the love of guests if it is a travel map strategy made by hotel staff.    

2,Provide tools:Mountainous scenic spots can provide guests with trekking poles, seaside scenic spots can provide sand dredging tools, rainforest scenic spots can provide guests with raincoats and shoe covers, etc., according to local conditions, local materials. In the plateau area, guests may not be adequately dressed, so we can provide rental of mountaineering clothes and the purchase of oxygen cylinders. Remember, if the items in the hotel need to be sold, they must be clearly marked and must comply with market pricing rules.    

3,Travel care:Hotels with a long walking time (such as: paradise, mountain climbing) can provide guests with foot baths; scenic spots with many mosquitoes can provide guests with toilet water, anti-mosquito bracelets, etc.; when the weather is hot, they can provide guests with Huoxiang Zhengqi Liquid, cooling oil and other products; when the weather is cold, baby warmers and other products can be provided for guests to use.    

4,Morning and Evening Care:Guests who travel for leisure may go out very early and miss the hotel breakfast or have no time to eat. The hotel can prepare breakfast packs for them and provide them on their own initiative. When the guest next bowl of noodles, some high-star hotels will provide a bedtime milk and bread to satisfy the guest's appetite.    

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