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How to arrange the service and safety of hotel staff during the epidemic? Hanbi Textile


Employees go out    

During the epidemic, employees should avoid going out, and when it is necessary to go out, they should report the reason for going out and the location and time of going out in the store. The store organizes employees to measure body temperature three times a day and record it.    

Staff meal    

1. The staff restaurant conducts comprehensive cleaning and disinfection before and after each meal (walls, desktops, chair surfaces, utensils, staff sinks, thermal insulation equipment);    

2. The staff meals are divided into meals. All restaurant food is placed with public chopsticks and spoons (including finished dishes and peppers), and staff restaurants are prohibited from taking out all food;    

3. Employees dine in batches and at different times to avoid crowds. If there is insufficient space in the restaurant for employees, the guest restaurant can be used during non-business hours to adjust the crowd density. Diners are seated in a single row to avoid facing each other;    

4. The staff restaurant is equipped with disinfectant hand sanitizer, diners use disinfectant hand sanitizer to wash their hands when entering and leaving the restaurant, and post handwashing guidelines in the sink;    

5. Distribute the disinfection cabinet in the store to disinfect the staff tableware once per meal;    

6. Employees take small amounts of meals, save meals, and reduce the generation of leftovers. The swill bucket should be sealed, clean up in time, and pay attention to disinfection.    

Staff restroom    

The staff toilets are guaranteed to be cleaned and disinfected three times a day, and the staff toilets are equipped with disinfectant hand sanitizers.    

staff dorm    

The staff dormitory formulates a sanitation schedule, and the dormitory is cleaned and disinfected every day. A special person is responsible for it every day. The cleaning and disinfection pictures are sent to the in-store management group, and the in-store notification supervises and manages.    

Staff tooling    

After each shift, employee tooling is washed with clothes disinfectant, and dried and disinfected in a dryer.    

During the employee's work    

Employees wear disposable masks, disposable gloves, and shoe covers during work, and ensure that disposable protective equipment is changed every 4 hours. Hand sanitizer is required for each change.    

Employee Epidemic Training    

1. Provide daily epidemic notification and training to employees in the store, update and implement epidemic information to keep abreast of epidemic development trends and information on the hardest-hit areas;    

2. Disposable masks, disposable gloves, shoe covers and other supplies used by employees or customers in the hotel are not to be discarded, but special garbage bags and trash cans are used, and they are uniformly recycled and sealed for disposal.    

Public area health management    

  1. 1. Frequently used or touched areas in public areas are disinfected every 2 hours (door handles, stair handrails, elevator buttons, public areas and supplies in the lobby, public sinks, and public supplies in the laundry room) and establish a disinfection record book;    

2. The floor, table top, glass surface and public toilet are cleaned with disinfectant, and the disinfectant is used in strict accordance with the proportion.    

Hotel perimeter and parking lot management    

1. Spray and disinfect the periphery of the hotel and the parking lot no less than three times a day;    

2. Remind customers to wear masks when entering and leaving;    

3. Strengthen the patrol management of the periphery and parking spaces to ensure the safety and hygiene of the area.    

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