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Do you know why there are so many pillows in hotels? Hanbi Textile


Why is the quilt always tucked under the mattress?    


1. The quilt is stuffed under the mattress, and the bed should not be wrinkled, which can make the guest room look neater. Also to tell the guests: this room has been cleaned up.    

2. Create a new feel. If you tuck it under the mattress and pull it out on your own when you sleep, it will feel like brand new.    

3. Avoid misunderstandings. Folding the quilt is a technical job. If it is not folded properly and placed on the bed, it will be misunderstood by the guests as if they have slept and not cleaned, so they simply stuff it under the mattress, saving the staff the trouble of not folding the quilt properly.    


Why do you still need to put so many pillows when you don't need them?    


1. To give guests the first impression that the bed is very full, soft and comfortable.    

2. In order to meet the differentiated needs of guests, the size, height and hardness can meet the needs of guests' sleeping habits.    

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Is there a place to hang clothes in the hotel room?    


Everyone may know that there are clothes racks in the cabinets of the hotel, but if there is a requirement for long-term housing, a clothes line may be very important.    

In fact, most hotel bathrooms are equipped with ropes for drying clothes, usually on the wall not far from the exhaust fan, but many people do not know its real use.  



What are some things that you can hardly notice but have a lot of bacteria    


Many people will bring disposable bed sheets, toilet seats and other personal items when staying in hotels.    

I want to tell you here: the hotel's cleaning and disinfection of such supplies is often the most basic and most important work of the hotel, but the air-conditioning TV remote control and light switch are often the most easily overlooked links in cleaning.    

In a large sample survey conducted by the University of Houston in the United States, the remote control of the hotel TV contained an average of 67.6 bacteria units; the light switch area contained an average of 122.7 bacteria units of aerobic bacteria and 111.1 bacteria units of bacteria. coliform bacteria. And the rest of the hotel is only less than 1/2 of these two.    


When is the hotel least crowded?    

Due to the spread of the new crown epidemic, customers today are generally more sensitive to scenes with large crowds.    

According to relevant research and investigations, in the hotel environment, the time points with the least traffic in the hotel in a day are 7:00-9:00, 13:00-16:00; in a week, the time point with the least traffic in the hotel is the week On the afternoon of Friday, the business people just checked out, and the weekend tourists haven't checked in yet.    

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