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How to solve the situation that the hotel linen is easily damaged?

Causes of hotel linen damage    

1. Wrong addition time during washing    

Do not feed materials when the amount of water in the machine is insufficient, and pay special attention to bleaching chemicals, which will easily cause the detergent to concentrate on the part of the linen and cause damage to the hotel linen.   


2. Improper use of bleach    

The laundry room should use bleaching detergents carefully, especially bleaching powder (chlorine bleaching agent).    

3. Linen is exposed to corrosive chemicals    

Some of the various cleaning products used in the hotel are corrosive, especially some strong acid cleaners have a great impact on cotton fabrics. If it is not cleaned immediately, it will also cause local damage to the linen and poor fastness.    

4. Wrong mix of washing products    

The detergents in the laundry room are all chemical products, which require certain knowledge and responsibility and use them correctly. Otherwise, there may be wrong mixing of washing products, or even wrong addition of ingredients, which will also lead to this result.    

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Damage caused by machines and humans    

1. The drum of the washing machine has burrs or some parts are not smooth, which may cause the linen to be scratched or worn during the washing process.    

2. The sorting work before washing is not serious, so that some sharp or hard sundries are mixed in it, causing damage during washing.    

3. When loading or leaving the machine before and after washing, use too much force or touch sharp objects to puncture or hook it.    

4. When washing and dehydrating, the uniform distribution is not good or the high-stripping time is too long, the mechanical force causes the tearing, or the washing time is too short, the number of times is too small, the washing residue or the washing procedure is defective, and the residual alkali, residual chlorine, etc. are not neutralized and removed. .    

5. The quality and storage environment of the linen itself. Cotton fabrics must be stored away from moisture, the warehouse should be well ventilated, and the edges of the warehouse shelves should be smooth.    

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1. Use detergent correctly    

Master the reasonable feeding time and temperature, understand the basic characteristics and application methods of detergents, and avoid direct contact of cotton fabrics with strongly acidic or corrosive chemicals. In particular, for the correct use of chlorine bleach, use a dechlorination agent to remove excess residual chlorine in time, and use a neutralizer to neutralize residual alkali. Also try to avoid direct contact of cotton fabrics with some corrosive chemicals.  


2. Do a good job of sorting before washing    

Including the sorting of linen types and the separation of sundries.    

3. Check the machine frequently    

The collection and transportation of linen should be careful to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage. The loading amount should be appropriate (80%~85%) during washing. Too much or too little will affect the cleanliness and wear of the linen. The machine inspects whether there are sharp and iron impurities remaining in the drum of the machine.    

4. Do a good job in the classification of old and new linen    

The natural damage and abnormal damage of the old linen should be treated separately, and the dehydration time should also be different with different strengths of the old and new linen.    

Another point that is directly related to the life of the linen is to avoid "fatigue use", that is, washing multiple times in the same day, this will accelerate the shortening of the life of the linen. It should have sufficient rest time, at least more than 24 hours, that is, after washing, take a day off and use it again the next day. Invisibly, the life of the linen will be longer.    

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For the hotel, Hanbi Textiles suggested that adding a sewing room to repair the fabric was also a cost-effective investment, which was important for the hotel to save money. Sewing room work includes:    

1. Change to uniform    

Modify hotel tablecloths, sheets, etc.    

The linen that has caused a large area of damage can be modified to a smaller linen and continue to be used.    

2. Sewing items    

Sew up some expensive items that can be reused with a little modification.    

3. Converted to other work cloths    

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