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Satin fabric, also known as satin fabric, is a kind of fabric with complicated weaving process. It is a combed fabric with a density of 173*153 that is interwoven by at least three yarns between warp and weft yarns.    

The most common satin fabric is striped satin, or satin for short. It is divided into 40S satin strips and 60S satin strips. First weaving and then dyeing process, this kind of fabric is generally solid color. In terms of cost, tribute satin is basically the highest grade, only long-staple cotton can be made, and the process requirements are also very high.    

Satin hotel bedding fabric

Satin weave products cost more than comparable plain weave and twill weave products, the fabric density is higher, and the fabric is thicker. But the surface of the fabric is smoother, more delicate, soft to the touch, good luster, bright color, good elasticity, tight texture and not easy to deform.    

High-end jacquard and embroidery kits often use this kind of fabric, the color is simple and elegant, with exquisite patterns and exquisite embroidery, reflecting the perfect quality of high-end bedding.    

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