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The use of hotel bed runner? | Hanbi Textile

This piece of cloth has a name called "Hotel Bed Runner". Hotel Bed Runne is generally used in hotel rooms. Some families also have bed runner on the bed in order to embellish the atmosphere of their room. So, what exactly does a bed runner do on the bed? Now let's learn together.    

hotel bed runner suppliers

First of all, it is still mainly based on aesthetic design. The beds in hotels are generally pure white, and covered with bed runner with delicate patterns or colors that clearly contrast with the bed, the bed looks more beautiful and stylish, and plays a decorative role. 

Second, hygiene. When there are guests in your hotel room, they can sit on the end of the bed to prevent the dust sticking to the clothes from falling on the bed, which is clean and hygienic and can play a protective role.    

Sometimes we like to stay in bed to do anything, such as eating, playing games, watching TV... During this process, a certain amount of garbage will be generated, especially when sitting or lying in bed to eat, the food is broken. The crumbs and wastes are accidentally dropped on the quilt, so the existence of hotel bed runner can solve this problem very well, so that there is no need to wash hotel sheets and hotel quilt covers.    

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