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Have you met the standard and configuration of bedding products in star-rated hotels?

Hotel bedding sets fabric configuration    

Hotels below 3star level: mainly equipped with fabrics with yarn counts below 40s/200yarn count; the patterns are mainly simple patterns such as plain weave, twill, stripes, and squares;    

4 and 5 star hotels: mainly equipped with fabrics with yarn count above 60s, 80s/300yarn count; the pattern is determined according to the style of each hotel, and the design is novel and rich.    

Configuration of hotel pillow core and quilt core    

Hotels below 3 stars: mainly equipped with hollow cotton, silk cotton and other chemical fiber products, they mainly pay attention to product price, and do not pay attention to product quality;    

4 and 5 star hotels: Most of the main down products are down products. The demand for down products in 4 star hotels and above has soared, not only in hotel quilts, but also in hotel pillows and hotel mattresses.    

Hotel linen supplier wholesale hotel bedding sets

Compared with traditional home textile bedding, what are the characteristics of hotel bedding?    

The "Delimitation and Evaluation of Star Ratings for Tourist Hotels" has clear regulations on the inherent quality of hotel products. The standard yarn count for 5 star hotel evaluation is not less than 80*60 yarn count, and the texture must be 100% cotton. At the same time, it is different from the national standard of the home textile industry. The national standard for hotel products is GBT228800-2009 "Star Tourist Hotel Supplies Textiles", which are much higher than traditional home textiles in terms of breaking strength, pilling performance, color fastness and other indicators.    

From a sensory point of view, hotel bedding is more inclined to white products, because non-white bedding will make it impossible for users to distinguish its hygiene status at a glance, while white bedding can expose pollution, prompting timely replacement and cleaning to ensure cleanliness. At the same time, from the perspective of environmental protection and low carbon, in order to prevent chemical pollution in the printing and dyeing process.    

hotel bedding wholesale

In general, there are a series of "high standards" in the hotel industry. In order to improve the quality of the hotel, there has been a new position of "sleep tester" in recent years. Service, environment, hygiene, price, catering and other aspects, such as the softness and hardness of hotel mattresses, and the cleanliness of bedding, and then form a report and publish it online based on your own feelings.    

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