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Why do hotels usually put 4 pillows in guest room?

Nowadays, with the frequent travel of people, it is difficult for all kinds of transportation to meet the needs of modern people. If you want to go out for a trip on holidays, you should even start buying tickets more than a month ago, especially if you are a student. During the period of vacation and school, many students may not be able to get the tickets to go home, and when they go out to play in a new place, the first thing to solve is the problem of accommodation. To travel in one place, not only to play during the day If you are happy, you must sleep well at night, and to sleep well, a high-quality hotel is necessary, but some hotel rooms have four pillows in them. Why?    

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First of all, we need to understand that the competition between hotels and guesthouses is intensifying in today's continuous development of the tourism industry. If you want to stand out from many hotels and become the best waiter, the first problem that must be solved, so many hotels put themselves in their shoes. For the sake of guests, for example, it was discovered some time ago that hotel plastic slippers are easy to infect athlete's foot, so many hotels began to use disposable slippers, or the hotel's hot water bottle was exposed to be very unclean, and many hotels began to pay attention to it. Free bottled drinking water can be provided. Although these costs are still to be paid from the room rate, the hotel's attitude is very good. The four pillows in the room are nothing more than serving customers.    

Bed with four pillows must be a deluxe double room. Most of the people living in such a room are couples or couples. Prepare four pillows in the room to facilitate a pillow fight between them, add a touch of spice to the hotel accommodation. If you don't need four pillows, you can put the pillow next to it, and it is very useful for those who need it. Based on the principle of customer first, the hotel considered a series of possibilities and finally decided Place four pillows in one room.    

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What we must understand is that not all four pillows are used for sleeping, two of them are used for sleeping, and the other two are used on the back, because some people like to sit on the head of the bed Looking at the phone or reading a book, and if only one pillow maintains this position, it is easy to compress the spinal nerve. If there are two pillows, this will not happen. Sit against the head of the bed in the original position, and put it on your back. A pillow, one under your waist, will not hinder your movement and be comfortable.    

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