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Why does the fiber strength of hotel linen gradually decrease?

The increase in the number of washings of hotel linen will lead to a more or less decrease in the strength of the fabric fibers and the reduction of the fabric cohesion, but this decline is very slow.    

  1. 1. The concentration of bleaching agent is too high, especially the excessive addition of chlorine bleach will seriously damage the degree of polymerization of the fabric.    

2. The pH value of the chlorine bleaching agent is too low. If the PH value of the chlorine bleaching agent is too low during the washing process, the release speed of the chlorine bleaching agent will be too fast, which will affect the fiber strength.    

3. If the temperature is too high during bleaching, it will cause excessive bleaching and damage the fibers.    

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4. Long-term washing in high temperature and high alkali, although the pure cotton fabric itself is relatively resistant to alkali and heat, but washing in this environment for a long time will also cause the fiber strength to drop too fast.    

5. In the process of washing, the water level is too low, resulting in too high detergent concentration, and excessive mechanical torque of the washing machine damages the fabric.    

6. During the bleaching process, the drum does not rotate, resulting in a high concentration of local bleaching agent for a period of time, which damages the plant fibers.    

7. Pure cotton fabrics are very sensitive to acid, adding acidic substances to detergents will cause great damage to the fiber strength of pure cotton fabrics    

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