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What are the basic knowledge of hotel bathrobes?

  1. 1. The production process of hotel bathrobes:    

The production of hotel bathrobes mainly includes five processes: plate making, cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging.   


2. Hotel bathrobe styles:   

The styles of conventional bathrobes can be divided into kimono collar and green collar.    

The kimono collar style can be marked with five lines or white (grey) pattern on the placket, cuffs and pockets.    

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3. Hotel bathrobe fabric and weight    

The hotel bathrobes are mainly made of terry cloth, as well as large and small waffle fabrics, herringbone waffle fabrics, and cotton printed fabrics. Terry cloth can be divided into cut pile (single-sided) towel cloth and non-cut pile towel cloth. The towel cloth is woven from yarn or thread, and the commonly used yarn counts are 21S and 16S.    

The weight of common hotel cut pile bathrobes is 1100g, 1200g and 1300g, and the difference in weight is not more than 3%. Because the green collar type consumes more material than the kimono collar, the green collar type made of the same specification of cut pile terry cloth is about 100g heavier than the kimono collar type.    

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4. Specifications of hotel bathrobes:    

The specifications of hotel bathrobes are usually considered from three main aspects: length, bust and sleeve length. The specifications of conventional cut pile bathrobes are: 123*68*40cm, and the specifications of waffle bathrobes are: 130*70*50cm.   

5. Hotel bathrobe color:    

The color of hotel bathrobes is mainly white, and various colored yukatas (reactive dyeing) can also be produced according to customer requirements. When customizing colored yukatas or unconventional fabric yukatas, the quantity generally requires positive and negative deviations.    

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