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How do hotels keep repeat customers? 8 ways to make a hotel fire

With the rapid development of the times, hotels have blossomed everywhere. The staying experience of some hotels has been upgraded again. From underwater hotels to tree houses, the overall design of the hotels and the supporting facilities are beyond imagination. In addition to hardware facilities, can it be favored by customers? What about generating buybacks?

1--Respect the guest

Respecting the guests by no means means "hospitable hospitality" and "service with a smile". Residents want to be valued, their needs are taken seriously and carefully listened to, detailed information is provided to them, and questions are answered and resolved correctly.

To know the guests correctly, to have good communication with the guests, we must first know the guests correctly, and understand "what a guest is" and "what a guest is not"?

1. The guest is the object of service. In the hotel's guest-me interaction, both parties play different "social roles". Service personnel are "service providers", while guests are "service recipients" and "service objects". Front office staff can never forget this point in their work, and can't change the customer from "the object of service" to something else. Anything that is incompatible with "providing a service" should not be done. In particular, you can't "piss off" your own guests anyway. The reason is simple: when guests come to the hotel, they come to "spend money to buy enjoyment", not to "spend money to buy anger".

2. The customer is the person who wants the most face.

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2--Meet the requirements of the guests

When the guest's request cannot be met, he hopes that the hotel can make some special arrangements for him to meet his needs. Many times, when hotels use "rules" to reject guests, it's not because the rules are really unchangeable as the law or no one can make an exception, but just because the hotel doesn't want to make trouble for itself because of the guests.

"Extraordinary service" has a certain flexibility and creativity. Customers are consumers who "spend money to buy services" and are eager to enjoy their "psychological needs", which is a manifestation of "economic psychology". Therefore, we need to evolve from "single service" to "dual service", that is, to win the satisfaction of customers not only with high-quality "functional service", but also with high-quality "psychological service", among which "psychological service" is important. sexuality will increase day by day.

Although it is an extraordinary service, if the customer really needs it, he can make the customer really satisfied, so why not? Moreover, it is necessary to guess the thoughts of the guests, and provide high-quality "psychological services" for the guests before serving the guests, which fully reflects the spirit of "helping others".

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3--Remedy mistakes with heart

The customer hopes that the errors in the service can be effectively made up and corrected as soon as possible, which makes him feel that he has been valued enough. Once a mistake has been made, the hotel should take immediate steps to let customers know that the hotel has found the mistake and has made every effort to remedy it.

For hotels, the perfection of the service process is an ideal state. But in reality, it is almost impossible to achieve. Employees will inevitably make mistakes of one kind or another in the service process. No matter who caused these service mistakes, but for a service enterprise - hotel, the only thing it should do is to take responsibility for the service mistakes and take corresponding remedial measures to win the second satisfaction of customers . This is critical to fostering the loyalty of customers who would otherwise be at risk of churn.

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4--Accept the complaint

The staff can really focus on listening to customer complaints, and can hear emotional cues from their voice intonation, make quick responses, and calm down angry customers at the first time, and then the staff will communicate and coordinate in the hotel in a one-time manner. Solve customer complaints.

Complaints from guests are an inevitable phenomenon in hotel operations. If not handled properly, it will not only lose customers, but also damage the image of the hotel. Therefore, properly handling guest complaints has always been a focus of hotel management.

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5--Clean environment

The hotel equipment, facilities, utensils and supplies are neatly and orderly, the various products provided are clean and hygienic, and the waiters dress neatly and hygienically.

Nowadays, all kinds of discounts and marketing activities are emerging one after another, and the popularity of the activities is very strong, but once it is over, it is almost impossible to do so. Consumers are not stupid, so why not take advantage of it? It's not cheap anymore, what am I going to do? Too many discounts and promotions make consumers ignore the quality of the product itself and become extra sensitive to price.

This is not conducive to the cultivation of repeat customers, nor to the maintenance of old customers. Therefore, we need to consider how to shift the focus of consumers to the product itself and cultivate more repeat customers. Therefore, environmental hygiene is very important, followed by marketing.

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6--Service courtesy

Friendly smile, sincere welcome, pleasant service, proactively meeting customer needs without disturbing customers, respecting customers everywhere and protecting customer privacy.

"Guest first, service first" as the hotel's service tenet, it fully reflects the hotel's expectations for each employee. As a hotel practitioner, our words and deeds represent the corporate image. Whether we can provide high-quality service to guests directly affects the reputation of the hotel. Good, I am afraid it will also lead to a decline in reputation and poor performance. In short, paying attention to etiquette is the basic requirement of the hotel for each employee, and it is also a concrete manifestation of the hotel's service tenet.

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7--Trust service

Provide security for all possible accidents to ensure the absolute sense of security for customers; the services provided are in line with the price, eliminate any cheating behavior, and ensure the trust of customers.

The hotel service is based on the good professional ethics and high sense of responsibility of the service personnel, highlighting the delicate, active and enthusiastic service, making the guests feel comfortable, safe and convenient, so as to gain the trust of the guests. On the one hand, it provides all possible safety guarantees for accidents, so that customers have a sense of security; on the other hand, the services provided should be consistent with the price, and there should be no deception, so that guests have a sense of trust in the hotel.

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8-- Atmosphere service

The positioning of each hotel is different and the style is different. The room supplies, interior decoration, decoration and arrangement of customer activities should avoid repetition and similarity, maintain their own characteristics, create a sense of atmosphere, and carefully create the environment, mood and pattern of the hotel.

The service provided by hotel design cannot be limited to meeting the basic needs of customers for accommodation, but also needs to meet the individual needs of customers, giving customers a diversified service experience, so that customers can get unforgettable memories from staying in the hotel.

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