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How to Choose High Quality Hotel Bedding? -Hanbi Textile

Hanbi Textile teaches you how to:

  1. For cotton fabrics such as bed sheets and quilt covers, the quality is determined by the fineness of the yarn count and the density of the tissue: the finer the yarn count and the higher the number of weaves, the better the quality. The higher the count, the finer the yarn, the smoother the woven fabric, and the better the gloss.

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2. Count, the length of the yarn per unit weight, such as the metric count is the length (meter) of 1 gram of yarn. Bedding generally has 30, 40, 60 and so on. The same weight of cotton yarn, the longer the length, the higher the count, the finer the yarn, the lighter the fabric. High-star hotels mostly use 60S fabrics because the yarn is finer: the fabric feels light and delicate, but it has a longer service life, because the finer the yarn count, the greater the breaking strength of the plant, which can withstand the high-intensity washing frequency of the hotel.

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3. Density: High-count and high-density jacquard cotton plants have high warp and weft density, and the fabric has a high finish and is soft and skin-friendly. Combed cotton adds technology in the spinning process, removes short fibers and impurities in cotton, the spun yarn is more delicate and smooth, the fabric is smoother and flat, light and thin, but strong and solid, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and quality is better. it is good. The larger the number of fabrics, the higher the density and the more durable it is, but the requirements for manufacturing technology and cost are higher.

4. The cost of tribute satin products is higher than that of similar plain weave and twill products, the fabric density is higher, and the fabric is thicker. The satin cloth surface is smoother, more delicate, soft to the touch, good luster, bright color, good elasticity, tight texture and not easy to deform. It has a bright and smooth appearance, looks like satin, is more comfortable, and feels the softest.

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There are pros and cons in hotels, and of course hotel bedding also has grades, so how do hotels choose high-end hotel bedding?

Yarn count density fabric The fineness and density of the yarn often determine the comfort of the fabric. The finer the yarn, the softer and more comfortable it is, such as silk, long-staple cotton and so on. Generally, our ordinary cotton fabrics are about 40 counts, but if it is a high-quality bedding, at least 80 yarns and a density of 400 or more.

How to judge the density of high-end hotel bedding:

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1. Look at the appearance: it feels as smooth as silk, and the texture is clear and flawless.

2. Look at the performance: the grip will wrinkle, but it will automatically recover after wrinkling.

3. Look at the weight: obviously feel heavier than ordinary cotton bedding.

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