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Many hotel investors often overlook a very important link in the process of building or operating a hotel—the purchase of hotel linen. With people's pursuit of quality life, in recent years, more and more guests have paid attention to the hygiene and comfort of hotel linen. The quality of hotel linen will affect the guest's sense of experience, which will directly affect the hotel. Occupancy rate.

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On the other hand, high-quality hotel linen has a longer life cycle, which can reduce the maintenance cost of hotel linen in the later period.

Therefore, what kind of linen to choose to ensure the quality and how to choose the linen have become the key that hotel investors must understand. Only by selecting the linen suitable for the hotel can the hotel bring good reputation and benefits.

Hotel linen classification:

1. Room linen: sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, pillow cores, protective pads, bed skirts, etc.;

2. Bathroom linen: bath towels, face towels, floor towels, bathrobes, etc.;

3. Catering linen: tablecloth, chair cover, etc.

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What benefits can high-quality hotel linen bring to hotels?

1. For guests:

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the details of the hotel, and the linen can directly reflect the quality of a hotel.

The linen of hotel rooms is generally made of cotton, which absorbs sweat and is soft and comfortable, which is conducive to the "breathing" of sweat glands and human health, and is soft to the touch, allowing guests to have a more comfortable sleeping environment.

At the same time, high-quality linen materials are often made of natural cotton fibers, which are not irritating in contact with the skin, and can dissipate excess moisture in time, keeping the bedding dry, softer to the touch, and warmer.

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2. For hotels:

1. After good linen allows the guests to have a high-quality accommodation experience, the guests will give the hotel a higher score, which will lead to an increase in the repurchase rate. At the same time, the improvement of the score increases the search ranking of the hotel in the OTA, and obtains more traffic exposure, which is very helpful for the improvement of the hotel occupancy rate.

2. Generally speaking, hotel bedding is changed once a day, and long-term guests are changed every three days, according to the occupancy rate of 80% of the room (that is, the room is rented 80% of the time in 365 days a year, that is 292 days), with three sets of bedding per bed. In one year, the number of washings for each set of bedding will reach at least 97 times. Even if the guests are long-term residents in a year, according to the standard of changing every three days, it will reach 32 times.

3. The high-quality hotel linen has a longer life cycle and strong durability, and will not be deformed or shrunk due to the increase in the number of washings, which can save the hotel a lot of cost of replacing the linen, and also save the hotel in the later period. operating costs.

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The following four points need to be paid attention to when purchasing hotel linen

1. Linen style: Hotel linen is usually recommended to use white, because white linen will make the whole room look cleaner and tidy, and white also avoids the possibility of linen fading.

In addition, for many commercial designs, white is more advanced and is always the mainstream color, will not be outdated, and is easier to match with other decorations in the room.

2. Fabric selection: Hotel linen is generally divided into cotton and polyester-cotton, and now most hotels use cotton linen. Because the cotton feels comfortable, the skin is good, the human body feels natural, and the air permeability is good.

Cotton is also graded, according to the fabric yarn density: 80Sx80S, 80Sx60S, 60Sx60S, 60Sx40S, 40Sx40S. Now five-star hotels such as Marriott and Hilton generally use 60S-standard textiles. This product has good hand feeling, no pilling and long service life.

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3. Selection of core types: core types are divided into feather silk, down and silk. Feather silk and down are used more. The choice of feather silk quilt core and feather silk pillow core is very simple, just make sure that there is feather silk inside.

Mainly down, divided into goose down and duck down, the former is about 40% more expensive than the latter in the industry; and the down content of down is also a problem that must be paid attention to. Generally, the pillow core is filled with 30% down, which is very good, and the quilt core is very good. Generally ranging from 50% to 90%, depending on the hotel's situation.

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4. Selection of towels: mainly for cotton yarn and yarn weaving requirements, towels woven from good cotton yarns are more durable than ordinary cotton yarns and have better water absorption.

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