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Whether the choice of hotel towel is appropriate will directly affect the living comfort of the guests. The use of a good hotel towel will often leave a profound impact on the guests, improve the good feeling of staying, and improve the image and occupancy rate of the hotel, then we How to choose a good hotel towel?

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1. Is the quality of bath towels in a five-star hotel good? First look at the price, look at the weight

As the saying goes, the first-class price is the first-class product, especially when the price of cotton is very high now, the towels that are much lower than the market price must be inferior towels, and the weight in grams, as long as it is 3% lower than the specified weight, it must be Manufacturers are cutting corners to reduce costs.

Hanbi Textile's source factory selects high-quality cotton yarns with affordable prices and fine workmanship to meet all your hotel linen customization and wholesale difficulties.

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2. Check whether the texture of the five-star hotel towel is pure cotton

Whether the hotel towel is good or not, we can judge from the raw materials of the towel that a good towel manufacturer is made of high-quality cotton, so the towel is durable, high in whiteness, good in hand feeling, bright in color and good in water absorption.

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3. See if the towel feels comfortable or not, the hotel towel that feels comfortable is a good towel

Nowadays, there are more and more products with ethnic characteristics on the market, and towels are no exception. But is this colorful printing and dyeing towel safe? Is it harmful to human body? Our hotel usually buys plain-colored towels. These towels are rarely printed and dyed in the production process. Most of the towels with ethnic patterns are printed and dyed. When purchasing, try to choose those produced by large manufacturers. Environmentally friendly and rarely use additives that are harmful to the body.

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4. Look at the edging of bath towels in five-star hotels

When buying towels, we need to pay attention to the details of towel production. A good towel always has the characteristics of superiority. Then we only need to pay attention to whether the edge of the towel is neat and beautiful, and the combination of its sign and the towel Whether the details of the hidden processing are fine and so on are these small details, but don't underestimate these small details, the finely crafted towels will be more durable.

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5. It should also be noted that the five-star hotel towel is not as heavy as possible, it should be thick and light

Contrary to what everyone thinks, the thicker and more durable the towel is, the thicker towel is not only heavy after wet water. Another major disadvantage is that it is not convenient for hotel drying, and the fabric is thick, but the towel with a lighter "weight" is a good towel worth purchasing.

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6. Finally, we need to pay attention to the color when purchasing five-star hotel towels. The simpler the color of the hotel towels, the better.

The hotel towel pattern is relatively clear and full, with obvious layers, strong touch, soft and soft, as rich as the beauty of nature: beautiful patterns can be woven by weaving, satin, spiral, cut velvet, twistless, jacquard and other processes , let people see a particularly comfortable feeling.

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Hanbi Textile specializes in solving difficult problems for hotel customization and procurement, and the source factory is affordable and quality guaranteed to meet all your customization needs.


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