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Why are hotel towels so absorbent? -Hanbi Textile

Why is the hotel towel particularly absorbent?

It is the feeling that there is no water at all when wiped. There is no such effect in the face towel at home. Is it because of some special material, or is there any special treatment method?

Compared with ordinary towels, Hotel towels can absorb particles, liquids, dust, etc. that are 7 times heavier than themselves, but it is surprising that each filament is only 1/200 of the hair. It can be seen that these voids can absorb a lot of water, so the thick loops have strong water absorption. After absorbing water, because the water is only stored in the gap, it can be dried quickly and effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

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Types of Custom-Made Towel Linen Purchased by Hanbi Textile Hotel:

1. General classification: face towel, children's towel, square towel, long square towel, bath towel, disposable towel, hotel towel, beach towel.

2. In terms of craftsmanship, it is divided into: ordinary terry towel, section block towel, section towel, cut pile towel, jacquard towel, printed towel, embroidered towel, yarn-dyed towel, seamed towel, etc.

3. From the organizational form, there are: single single hair, single double hair, double double hair and so on.

4. Material distinction: 21 lines, 32 lines, 16s

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Raw Materials of Hanbi Textile Hotel Towel Linen Company:

The raw materials of hotel towels directly determine the quality of towels, and the prices of different raw materials vary greatly. The raw material used in high-quality towels must be 100% cotton, and the cotton yarn is 21, 21, 32, 32, or 40. The advantages of pure cotton Beijing hotel towels are unmatched by other towels containing chemical fiber raw materials.

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Quality of Hanbi Textile Hotel Terry Linen Suppliers:

1. Water absorption: The pure cotton hotel towel has good water absorption. Take a pure cotton towel and gently put it into the water. It absorbs water quickly and sinks quickly. After taking it out, it is wrung out and hung vertically. It is pure cotton without dripping water. The polyester-containing towel absorbs water slowly. After taking it out and wringing it out, there are water droplets hanging vertically.

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2. Appearance: pure cotton towel has good whiteness, the color of the towel is pure, but the whiteness of polyester-containing towel is not good, and the color is dark. It is easy to distinguish these points together.

3. Test the quality of towels by combustion method: Take a fiber from different towels and burn it with a lighter. Pure cotton has a natural ash smell. After blowing the extinguisher, the spark will not go out. The smoke is slightly white and contains polyester, which is like burning plastic After the solid, it burns quickly and has a peculiar smell. After blowing the extinguisher, it goes out immediately.

4. The most fundamental method is to test the quality of the towel by ultraviolet rays: take a few fibers and put them under the purple light, and the color like the banknotes is undoubtedly polyester.

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