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Hotel towel linen classification(100% cotton):

Every hotel and every family needs to use towels and bath towels. There should be many types of towels and bath towels that you have seen. Do you know what types of linen there are in hotels?

Hanbi Textile hotel linen wholesaler to tell you.

  1. 1. Hotel linen - jacquard towel:

On the towel, you can find some terry loops and some cloth rails. These cloth rails are lower than the terry loops. After the developed process, these bumps can show various patterns and patterns. The process of this kind of towel is relatively complicated, and the price is slightly higher than that of ordinary towels.

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2. Hotel linen - broken towel

In the middle of the towel, in addition to the terry, there will be a large or small piece of cloth, these towels are broken towels; its craftsmanship can be ever-changing; various patterns and patterns can be woven to meet the personalized customization of the hotel.

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3. Hotel linen - embroidered towels

Various patterns can be embroidered on the finished towel, which improves the ornamental quality of the towel and has a certain added value. For example, by embroidering a certain hotel, it means that this towel is customized by such and such hotel, you can know at a glance which towel is from, and it also plays a certain role in publicity.

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4. Hotel linen - active printing towels

A printing dye that is printed directly on the towel. Most of the dyes used now are a new type of environmentally friendly dyes, which are non-toxic dyes and have gradually replaced ordinary paint printing. Paint printing is easy to distinguish. The pattern color of reactive printing is glossy, and the color of paint printing is not glossy, and the loops or suede of paint printing will stick together and have no fluffy feeling. Coatings are mostly used to print fonts, lines and reduce printing costs. Hotels generally do not use active printing towels, but generally in sports towels, gift towels and other places.

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Although there are many kinds of towels, it is most important to choose a large bath towel that suits the occasion, please ask us if you need it. Hanbi Textile hotel linen supplier for all your custom sourcing needs.


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