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Hotel linen selection to determine a clear theme

According to people's different personalities and preferences, first of all, a theme should be determined for the hotel rooms. The theme mentioned here includes two aspects: style theme and personality theme. Style is one of the general directions, and people can choose according to their age and personal preferences.

In addition, the same style will be presented differently in people of different personalities. For example, it is also a modern minimalist style. People who love classical music and young people who love rock and roll should reflect different characteristics in the choice of colors and patterns. Favors softer and warmer tones, while rock lovers show a bold and flamboyant color scheme.

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Hotel linen soft clothing has a clear priority and appropriate subtraction

When the style theme and individual theme of the space are determined, it can be used as a basis to determine the approximate color and pattern range of wall coverings and fabric products, and should be matched around the theme.

The most avoidable color confusion in the process of hotel soft decoration is to determine a large area of the main color, and then do appropriate subtraction according to the theme and the main color to remove those patterns that do not conform to the theme and colors that are not in harmony with the main color. To ensure that the room is not visually cluttered. For example, the collocation of contrasting colors is a collocation method that is difficult for ordinary people to control. If you follow this principle, it will be easier to create a colorful effect. For example, the combination of red and green, if the color is blindly divided equally, will make the room look weird and visually chaotic, but if the primary and secondary are distinguished, a large area of green with a little red will have a good effect.

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Hotel linen follows the psychological effect of color patterns

The color and pattern of the wall and hotel bedding occupy the core of the space, because the color and pattern have a non-negligible impact on human psychology, so in the selection process of wall coverings and fabrics, certain psychological factors should also be considered. .

Small and regular patterns add a sense of order to the room. Regular, small patterns can provide a background that is neither exaggerated nor too bland, and your favorite furniture will fully reveal its character in front of this background.

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Difference and Contrast Principle

The bedding and wall coverings in the guest room should also follow the principles of distinction and contrast in terms of pattern, color, brightness, texture and other aspects. When the living room chooses striped wall coverings, then the selection of curtains and sofa art should try to avoid the use of stripes, and use patterns to match.

When the wall covering is a brighter and brighter detailed pattern, then the curtains and sofa art should be as simple and elegant as possible. White and the lightest color of the same color as the wallpaper are good choices, and then embellish the sofa with some mild tones and moderate brightness. pillow. When the wall covering is a plain and delicate pattern, the curtains may choose brightly colored large flower fabrics. In order to distinguish them, the sofa in front of the window is made of simple and elegant light gray, khaki, and beige, and then embellished to echo the curtains. Flower-shaped pillow, the effect is particularly brilliant.

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The echo of the color and pattern of the hotel linen soft clothing

After the large area of soft decoration is finished, spend more careful thought on the ornaments. For example, if the curtains are ready, the sofa or bedding should be echoed with a cushion of the same color. The extra wall covering may be used for the lampshade of the lamp. If there is no extra material, try to choose a cushion of a similar color to echo it.

These details can also be expressed in: the waistline of the wall covering is the same as the flower of the curtain; the main color of the curtain appears on the bed cover and cushion; or the small lace of a chair cover echoes the lace of the curtain... The time, not only reflects the good intentions, but also gives people a lot of surprises.

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