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Avoid Pit! About Hotel Towel Linen Custom Craft

Hotel towel products are composed of three parts: warp yarn, weft yarn and wool yarn. The name of the towel is determined by the wool yarn. For example: wool yarn is 12s, 16s, 32s/2, etc. Plain weave and spiral towels are general-purpose products, which can be selected if the product delivery time is short.

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The warp and weft yarns of the plain weave towel are woven in a top-down manner, with many interlacing points, and the warp and weft yarns are the most tightly hugged. Therefore, the plain weave fabric has the firmest texture and the most flat appearance.

The terry of the spiral plain woven towel is long, and the terry part is spirally treated during the bleaching and dyeing process. General spiral products are woven with 16S single yarn. Plain weave spiral towels can increase the square meter grammage of the towel. The woven towel is thicker. Feels full. In the process of use, the water absorption is better. Fully meet the hotel's requirements for towel water absorption.

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The jacquard process operation can be performed on the raised part of the towel. According to the needs of customers, various beautiful patterns are proposed, and the hotel's LOGO, shop logo, etc. can be displayed ingeniously. The jacquard towel can improve the hotel's recognition and deepen the hotel's impression to customers. . In addition to the jacquard process, the satin process can also be used.

The display area of satin terry towel fabrics is usually plain weave, and some special fabrics are used, with beautiful and novel patterns, which are called platinum satin. The logo of the hotel can be clearly displayed.

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Advantages of platinum satin products: 16s or 21s are longer than 32s/2 loops, and have good water absorption; generally, when hotels use jacquard jacquard labels, they will feel uneven, the logo effect is not obvious, and it is easy to be damaged during washing. Both ends of the towel are added with a break, and embroidery can be done at the break, which can highlight the logo of the hotel. In addition, the embroidery thread can use embroidery threads of various colors. This thread does not fade, so the hotel logo can be embroidered in two colors. , the guests living in the hotel can be distinguished when using, and the hotel can also be washed separately when washing.

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The above is the little knowledge of hotel towel products shared with you today.Hanbi Textile hotel linen distributor is A provider of one-stop hotel supplies customization and procurement service for hotels worldwide.

At Hanbi Textile, we provide a variety of exclusive customized solutions for hotel linen. Including the product logo, material, style and size customization of hotel bedding and one-time hotel consumables,etc. We meet all your customization needs with the design customization concept of "what you can think of, we can do it". We bring the best customized service experience to our customers with the best service, the best product quality and the most exquisite craftsmanship.

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