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What are The Advantages of The Yarn-Dyed Weaving Process? -Hanbi Textile

Personalized needs:

In traditional commercial design, hotel linen is almost all white. With the rise and competition of the hotel industry, the personalized needs of hotels are gradually emerging. In order to avoid the visual fatigue of hotel rooms and increase the personalized characteristics of the hotel, printing, embroidery, decorative strips, bed end towels and bed covers are usually used on the linen, but the printing, embroidery and decorative strips of the linen are in the process of industrial washing. , there will be problems such as fading, tearing, falling off, and inconsistent shrinkage after washing. Hotel bed linen is rarely washed, and it is a recognized fact that the sanitary condition is worrying, so from the perspective of cost and washing life, these methods are not preferable.

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Demand Solutions:

In order to meet the individual needs of the hotel market and customers, Hanbi Textile hotel linen distributor has made great efforts in the weaving of hotel linen fabrics through continuous research and development and optimization to develop excellent weaving grass. In the weaving of this linen, high-quality raw cotton yarn (cotton, polyester-cotton 50/50 80/20, etc.) is selected, and the weft yarn is dyed and dyed by a special process to ensure that it does not fade or fade. On the basis of a high standard of color fastness Degree and chlorine bleaching resistance rate, through the fabric warp and weft weft change process, weft color selection. In this way, the bed end towel style or decorative pattern of the hotel's personalized needs is skillfully woven directly into the quilt cover and pillowcase, which not only improves the grade and taste of the linen, but also eliminates the guests' concerns about the hygiene of the linen. The yarn-dyed linen has a delicate feel, silky smooth, soft and skin-friendly, giving guests a high-quality hotel enjoyment.

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Advantages of yarn-dyed linen:

The hotel linen yarn-dyed weaving process perfectly integrates decorative moldings, bed end towels, bed covers and quilt covers, which not only caters to today's hotel's proposition of "individuality, greenness, environmental protection, and freedom", but also saves the hotel's procurement costs and eliminates consumption. Concerns about the hygiene of bed linen and bed cover. Using the principle of molecular mechanics, the warp and weft density in the traditional textile process is scientifically reorganized, so that the service life of the linen is increased by 15-30% compared with the traditional products.

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The bed end towel and decorative patterns are subtly integrated into the quilt cover or pillowcase, which not only improves the quality and taste of the bedding, but also eliminates the guests' concerns about the hygiene of the traditional bed end towel due to infrequent washing. Yarn-dyed process, delicate hand feel, silky smooth, soft and skin-friendly, giving customers a hotel enjoyment like home life.

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