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What Should I Do if The Whiteness of Hotel Linen Washing is Not Up to Standard?

Hotel Linen Purpose of Bleaching

There are two main purposes of bleaching in the washing process. One is to remove the dirt remaining on the fabric that can only be removed by oxidation or reduction, so that it can reach the original color of the fabric itself; the other is to improve the whiteness and brightness of white fabrics and colored fabrics to make the color brighter Showy.

The rinsing process requires the overall treatment of the fabric, so in the normal bleaching process, there is an invisible risk of damage to the washed fabric while it is being bleached. With the prolongation of the service cycle, the fiber strength and fastness of the fabric will decrease, so the amount of bleaching agent must be strictly controlled, so that it can not only achieve the purpose of bleaching, but also ensure a reasonable service life of the fabric.


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The fabrics (such as towels, sheets, tablecloths, etc.) in the washing process go through the process of rinsing, pre-washing and main washing. Under the condition of reasonable program feeding, water-soluble dirt, oil-soluble dirt and some solid dirt can be generally used. remove. However, for some pigmented dirt, or special dirt that can only be removed by oxidation and reduction, conventional washing cannot be completely removed, and a bleaching program must be set during the washing process to achieve complete removal of dirt. That is to say, the function of the bleaching procedure in the washing process is to use the bleaching agent to remove the remaining pigments, stains and stains in the washed fabrics through chemical reactions.

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Hotel Linen Conditions for Bleaching With Chlorine Bleach

At present, most of the sheets, towels, tablecloths and mouth cloths used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and railways are pure cotton white fabrics. When chlorine bleaching agent is used to bleach the fabrics, chlorine bleaching can produce strong effects on oxidative dirt. Oxidation achieves the removal of pigments, but it also has an oxidative effect on the fabric itself. Each time the fabric is bleached, there is a potential damage, and the fabric will be damaged by the loss of fiber fastness after multiple rinsing. The damage received during the bleaching process is the largest in the overall washing process. Therefore, when formulating the operation procedure, in order to improve the service life of the fabric, choose a reasonable bleaching process, and strictly control the bleaching temperature, bleaching time, bleaching liquid The concentration and pH value of the bleaching bath are very necessary, and the procedure must be strictly and reasonably formulated.

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Hotel Linen The Effect of Bleaching

The effect of bleaching is not primarily to wash the dirt from the cotton fabric and carry it away through the drain. The bleaching process only uses the chemical bleaching reaction, so that when the temperature of the washing liquid (65 ° C) and the ideal pH of the washing liquid (pH 10.5), the following reactions occur in the bleaching process: that is, one minute after adding the bleaching agent, the bleaching agent in the washing liquid The distribution is basically uniform, and the amount of available chlorine titration in the lotion at this time is large. After that, the effective chlorine is released evenly and the speed is stable. The bleaching process must be carried out for 6 minutes. Finally, the effective chlorine titration number of the bleaching agent should be lower than 10ppm after the concentration is changed.

The two basic points of bleaching process detection are that the maximum expected chlorine concentration should be reached one minute after the bleaching agent is added, and secondly, the effective chlorine concentration must be less than 10ppm in the drainage. The temperature and pH of the lotion directly affect the speed and effect of the chemical bleaching reaction.

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If an automatic liquid detergent dispensing system is used, it should be noted that all the bleach should be completely added to the washing machine within one minute, and the bleach may also be consumed during the spraying process.

In general, when using bleach, it should be noted that the effective chlorine concentration is recommended to be 50ppm for light dirt treatment, 75ppm for medium dirt treatment, and 100ppm for heavy dirt treatment. When the effective chlorine concentration exceeds 100ppm, the service life of the cloth will be affected, and the water level in the bleaching process should be low.

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Choosing the best bleach depends on the specific conditions and actual needs of the wash. In addition, attention should also be paid to bleaching efficiency, fabric safety, storage requirements, employee safety, and environmental protection issues during the use of bleaching agents. It is recommended to operate under the guidance of professional chemical technicians to ensure the safe and scientific use of bleaching agents to achieve the best possible results. Excellent bleaching effect.


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