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How Does Hotel Bathroom Amenities Make Good Use Of Environmental Protection? -Hanbi Textile

1. Generally, toothbrushes are wrapped in exactly the same way as toothpaste, which is a waste of time in the guest's home. Ordinary toothpaste and toothbrush are 6g. It is no problem if you brush it in the morning. The toothbrush can still be used. However, because there is no toothpaste, you still have to remove a pair of toothpaste, because this relationship increases the use of disposable products. consumption, neither energy saving nor environmental protection.

Recommendation: Put the toothpaste separately (because the toothpaste is packaged separately and does not need to be handled separately) to reduce unnecessary waste; rooms suitable for staying for more than 3 days should be specially equipped with 45-60g brand toothpaste.

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2. The use of sewing kits in the room is low and wasteful. According to statistics, the hotel uses a total of 742 sewing kits each year, including internal use. And there are very few cotton threads on the sewing kit, at most five colors. If a thread is needed, another package needs to be unpacked and all sewing thread discarded at once.

Recommendation: The hotel center is equipped with a needle and thread box, equipped with cotton threads of various colors, needles of various types, finger guards, small scissors, etc. If the guests need, they can also provide free rental services. All needles and threads and other items are available Can be reused, no need to bring a disposable sewing kit.

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3. The small soap provided in the room is an indispensable item in the bathroom. Guests can use it to wash their hands or wash some small clothes. But most of the time, it's impossible for guests to use up an entire bar of soap, and some people don't even use it after removing the sink. The recycled soap is small in volume, has poor cleaning effect, and greatly reduces the recovery value.

Recommendation: Use bottled reusable hand sanitizer instead of soap and put it in the guest room to reduce waste and improve the quality of the hotel; if guests need small clothes, branded laundry detergent can be provided in the bathroom to enhance the cleaning effect.

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4. The female guest bag is not only used infrequently, but also has no practical significance. It is recommended to remove it.

5. The envelopes in the room post-it note can be divided into ordinary envelopes and air envelopes, but less than 100 envelopes are used every year, and guests will check some of them for damage. Now the channels for people to communicate are not only diverse, but also fast, the era of letter writing is over.

Recommendation: Put the envelope in the public area of the lobby, the business center, and guests can take it when they need it, no need to put it in the guest room.

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There are always more solutions than problems, and the environmental problems of Hotel Bathroom Amenities can also be solved.

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